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Your Facebook Strategy is EVERYTHING!

Your Facebook strategy should be the centerpiece of your marketing plan. Period. Taking the time to build this solid foundation will help all your other marketing efforts to develop and perform better. Our proven in-house methodology – which you learn about when you are a member of our exclusive BSM Vault Social Media Mastery Academy for Realtors – focuses on inbound, relationship marketing to create and deploy action plans and advertising campaigns that center around a clear and consistent Facebook strategy. So how do you build a killer Facebook strategy? Start with these 3 steps.

Establish a Digital Target Farm Area

First things first. You need to identify a digital target farm area. This farm area should consist of a local area that ideally includes around 100,000 to 200,000 homes. For example, you may pick a small city or suburb you want to focus on, or perhaps a neighborhood that’s well-known within your city. Begin to relate to this target farm area as your “exclusive” territory in order to develop the right mindset and maximize future marketing and networking efforts.

Build a Community Page on Facebook

Once you have identified your target farm area, you need to build a credible community/lifestyle page on Facebook that offers focused, relevant content per that area. Come up with a clear but catchy name – such as Johnstown Homes & Lifestyles. However, be sure to note that this page should be non-branded, meaning it should not contain any of your personal Real Estate company branding or wording. By doing so, your community page will present itself as a trusted source for intel and happenings in the area.

Target Your Audience

Target the audience (current homeowners and potential home buyers) within your digital farm area and implement strategies to generate followers and engagement on your page. You can engender a high level of interest and loyalty by doing three things. Firstly, post often and consistently. Secondly, keep your content hyper-local to maintain relevance and increase engagement. Lastly, consider placing targeted Facebook ads to funnel traffic to your community page to enhance traffic and activity.

The bottom line here is that your Facebook strategy is everything. It’s the most important part of succeeding as the “King of your City”…on social media that is! So now that you know the steps to take, the question is: Will you do the work and take them? You are the master of your own destiny, so dive in and have fun building your foundation and your business

And if you are hungry for more in-depth marketing know-how, take a minute right now and click here to get a taste for what our Social Media Mastery Academy for Realtors offers exclusively to its members. You’ll be glad you did.

Your Facebook Strategy Is EVERYTHING!
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