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4 Facebook Ads All Real Estate Agents Should Be Running

When it comes to Facebook Ads, many realtors find themselves scratching their heads when it comes time to decide. There’s so many options out there it can be difficult to ascertain which is right for you, and which offers the best ROI. It’s worth mentioning that you SHOULDN’T employ paid ads if you’re not taking the time to cultivate a quality Facebook page. For those of you that are, we’ve compiled a list of 4 Facebook Ads All Real Estate Agents should be running and why.

1.  Audience Building Ads (Page like ads)

Page like ads are the go to ads for developing your online presence and drawing attention to your brand. Audience building ads are specifically targeted to people who are likely to be the most receptive to your services. Building up a list of followers who have liked your business provides you with an audience to reach out to with future content and promotions.

The main reason to run audience-building ads is to connect with new prospects. All they need to do is click the “like” button, and they have reached out to you. Liking your page is a very low investment way for them to express interest in your services. The great thing is that these likes then double up as social proof.

Having a substantial amount of likes online ads to your credibility in the real estate industry and situates you as a respected member of the community. Lastly, running page like ads will tell your marketing effectively towards cold traffic audiences. You can see whose liked your service and see whether they were the demographic that you wanted to attract.

2.  Content Ads

Next up we have content ads, which are an extremely useful way to drive leads to your content. Creating content and then running ads to it is an extremely effective way to connect your target audience with insights that help them in their property search. Of course, your content needs to provide substantial value if you are to have any success.

Content Ads are a quick way to get prospects looking at content you’ve published. Connecting your clients with detailed industry insights helps to situate you as a content provider rather than a real estate agency trying to make a quick buck. By using this method, you can connect with cold traffic that has no prior relationship with your brand. Likewise, it can also reignite relationships with prospects who’ve visited your website in the past.

The next time you publish a new bit of content, set up content promotion ads to drive your audience engagement. Limit the number of ads you run to two at a time for around a month, so that you can see what engages your audience consistently. Once you know that, you’ll be able to produce much more effective content in future.

3. Opt-in Ads

Opt-in ads raise many challenges for real estate agents but remain an immensely effective part of the Facebook marketing toolkit. All too often estate agents run “search for homes” ads to cold traffic that ignores simply ignores them. Instead, you should be running lead capture ads that get turn viewers into appointments.

Opt-in ads act speed up the conversion process and allow users to reach out to you. Once you’ve got an audience large enough, running a Facebook lead capture ad is a great way to attract targeted prospects. One good strategy is to run six lead capture ads and change their audiences every ten days or so. Once you figure out a configuration of ads that works for you, stick with it.

4. Customer Journey Ads

Customer journey ads (or segmentation retargeting ads) are ads that are used to direct people who have visited specific pages of your website. You can run different ads on your home search and neighborhood pages to target your audience most effectively. For example, if a prospect landed on the housing listing page of an area, you would target them with an ad offering them a housing activity list.

In other words, you target customers with specific types of advertising based on where they are in their customer journey. You’re also improving their user experience by providing them with advertisements, information and offers that are most relevant to them. Targeting customers in such a way makes it easy for them to take the next step and become a conversion.


Paid Advertising + Strong Organic Presence = ROI

If you’re serious about reaching new customers online, paid Facebook advertising is the way to go. If you’ve taken some time to develop a strong organic presence, paid advertising is the proverbial ‘icing on the cake’ and will draw more eyes to your content buffet. You’ll be driving new leads to high quality pages, with offers that are relevant to your leads, and encouraging them to take the next step in your sales process. If you want to drive your start nurturing your leads, consider employing any of the four above and you’ll gain some targeted new customers.

If you need help managing your digital marketing presence, contact us and we’ll give you all the help you need to convert leads into CLIENTS.

4 Facebook Ads All Real Estate Agents Should Be Running
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