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6 Videos All Real Estate Agents Should Be Doing Regularly

When researching how to come up with a social media content plan, there are a plethora of articles encouraging realtors to make use of video content. All to often, video is thrown as some kind of magical, cure-all solution. Sure, 83% of businesses say that video provides a good return on investment, but how do we create compelling video content for home hunters?

The key to producing content that lands with your target audience is by providing value in the form of regional information and industry advice. Video is an effective medium, but you need to have some substance behind your message in order to create a strong impression. Below we take a look at 6 videos all real estate agents should employ.


  1. Break down the market in your local area

One of the best ways to provide value to your customers is to produce 3-4 minute monthly videos about what’s going on in your local market. In these videos you can break down how much is being sold and where, alongside any other local trends you notice. Producing a video like this gives customers a much more comprehensive view of the local market which can help them to make a more informed purchase.


  1. Provide Home Improvement Tips 

Making home improvements is one of the key tells that a person is preparing to sell their house. Therefore producing a video containing home improvement tips is a great way to connect with this audience before they’ve taken the initial steps to sell. Producing a professional video with home improvement tips will not only entertain the people following your page, but will also provide valuable information for those budding house hunters.


  1. Introduce Your Team

If you’re looking to form a relationship with your customers, producing videos that introduce a member of your team or one of your partners can help to add a human face to your brand. People find it much easier to invest in brands that showcase authentic people, rather than an impersonal corporate logo. Putting out a monthly video with introducing your staff will create an air of transparency that will build trust between you and your customers.


  1. Seasonal Tips

A great way to engage customers throughout the year is to provide seasonal market tips. For example, putting out a video on “mistakes to avoid when buying in winter” can help local buyers to navigate the market. This approach allows you to provide advice to your target audience and regular intervals and position yourself as a thought leader in your marketplace (again building trust between you and potential customers).


  1. Behind the Scenes Videos

Whilst everyone has heard about what real estate professionals do, very few get the chance to see what happens on a day-to-day basis. Creating a “behind the scenes” video of your everyday work is an excellent way to demonstrate your knowledge of the industry and the overall professionalism of your staff. Creating a video of your agency preparing for an open house or managing a viewing can be a great way to show customers the contributions you make to you clients buying/selling experience.


  1. Community Interviews

Part of running a successful real estate business is positioning yourself prominently in your local community, and posting video interviews with other businesses in the area can help tremendously. A monthly video of you interviewing local business owners or government employees not only develops your professional networks but situates you as a pillar of the community as well.


Stop Overthinking Your Video Content and START POSTING!

The most important thing to remember when producing video content is to stop procrastinating and start posting. Your videos don’t need to be perfect with state of the art production quality in order to capture the interest of your target market. So long as you present your points clearly and keep the lighting nice and bright, you’re good to go. It’s also a good idea to do a couple of takes so you can get the video flowing naturally.

If you want to invest a little in your production quality, consider investing in a lavlier microphone, as it will greatly boost your audio clarity. Likewise, it’s always a good idea to invest in intros/outros to give your content that extra touch of professionalism. is a great site for commission projects like this without breaking the bank.

Ultimately, so long as your content triggers likes and comments, you’re doing a good job. Including call to actions in your posts like “let us know what you think below” or “if you enjoyed this video give us a like” can help get people off of the fence and taking action. The more your content generates shares, likes and comments, the bigger your brand becomes.

If you’d like to implement a full-scale social media strategy, contact our team here. Our digital marketing and social media concierge services will help you to manage your online presence and turn viewers into conversions!

6 Videos All Real Estate Agents Should Be Doing Regularly
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