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Alex Caragiannides | Founder – BSM Vault

If there is one thing Alex Caragiannides is passionate about, it is coaching!

(Okay fine, Alex is passionate about many things, but coaching is very high on the list). From the Greek community in Chicago where he grew up, to rising through the ranks of the mortgage industry, to founding a full-scale marketing agency that helps realtors live their dreams, Alex knows that you can’t do it alone.

A humble student to his mentors and coaches, Alex’s core belief is: “when somebody teaches you something, the speed of implementation is the number one determining factor of your success—or your failure.” He carries this through to his work and his life, looking to help others achieve all they can both personally and professionally.

Alex began a successful 15 year career in the mortgage business after moving to San Diego in 2002.

He started out as a telemarketer, reaching out to roughly 500 homeowners a day. From those humble beginnings, he became a loan officer and finally a producing branch manager and business development manager for companies throughout San Diego.

Working closely with real estate agents as a business development manager, Alex saw the need for marketing expertise in the real estate field first-hand. He helped many agents implement campaigns and incorporate social media into their marketing plans. He realized that while real estate agents can benefit immensely from strategic digital marketing, they do not have the time to dedicate to this type of work, especially given the constantly changing landscape of digital marketing. He saw a gap in the marketplace and knew he could help real estate agents grow their businesses.

In the Fall of 2017, Alex launched BSM Vault, a full service, personalized digital marketing and social media agency designed to serve real estate agents.

Building his dream business, Alex has perfected an online platform that enables realtors to reach thousands of consumers. Alex stays connected to marketing trends, implementing new technologies daily to help his clients stay current and cutting edge.

Driving Alex’s success and passion for life and work is his wife Chloe and three beautiful children

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