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All In For Lead Generating

Are you currently stressed out from the amount of transactions you have had thus far? It’s most likely a result of how much work you’re actually putting into lead generating.  There are many tactics to getting leads but the most important part once you get leads is to nurture all of your potential leads. This is because not everyone is at a status to buy or sell but they will be months from today. Lead generating has evolved over the past decade. Here are some strategies that have helped successful realtors gain quality leads:

Networking Events

Before we start digging deep into the online platform we must understand that if you’re a real estate agent, it’s pretty much required that you are a social butterfly.  People like talking to agents who are educated, friendly, and possibly have a sense of humor. That’s why it’s recommended that you attend networking events to find potential clients that would need your services. It would be smart to find networking events that cater to your ideal clients because it would give you a better advantage when communicating with them.

Contest and Awards

As a real estate agent, you should represent yourself as an icon or symbol to the community that you are specifically targeting.  One great way to get your name and face to your community is by hosting a contest for your leads/followers. The reason why I mentioned followers is because anyone can be a potential client to you such as friends, family or co-workers.

An example of running a contest can be as simple as asking your followers to take a picture of themselves somewhere in the community. You will randomly choose a winner for a $50 gift card to Starbucks. This is a great idea because it will stir up conversations in your community and it will also be a great way to get engagement on Facebook.

Building landing pages

For the more advanced users, building out your landing page has been a great success for realtors because the leads you get are a lot stronger, especially for those who are interested in your offer. It is up to you to decide what your opt-in are, which is amazing because once the leads opt-in you can have a search created for them, allowing the opportunity to have an easier home search. By providing this free search you would hope they accept your services in return.

As I mentioned before, nurturing your warm leads is important. A great way to stay relevant to them is by retargeting your leads with ads on Facebook. It will cost money to retarget your warm leads, but you need to see it as an investment because one deal will cover the amount spent on ads and more.

All In For Lead Generating
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