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Art & Science of Having Nurture Campaigns in Place

Having a hot lead doesn’t mean much until you actually close the deal, whether you’re a buyer’s agent or listing agents. It’s important to use structure during your process of prospecting because not everyone is ready to do business immediately.

When working in the real estate field, it’s important not to pressure them into buying a home. Instead, nurture the potential clients with informative and current events to stay relevant until they are ready to buy or sell a home. What nurturing tactics are you currently using?

Assigning Cold, Warm and Hot Leads into a CRM

There are great amounts of ways you can pick up leads, which can consist of cold calling, referrals, signing up for trials, requesting a demo or even downloading an e book. When you receive their name, phone number, and email, it’s important to put time and effort into these people once you have determined that they are either a warm or hot lead.

Although you may have some people considered as a cold lead, don’t forget about them because even though they’re not ready to buy or sell today, they can be ready to do business a few months from now. There have been clients who took over a year to finally get a listing from because they simply weren’t ready.

Keep up-to-date

When nurturing your potential clients, it is important to provide them with content that is valuable and informative. You want to always be top of mind to them when it comes to anything real estate or lending related. Content that’s valuable for them to see is a market update specifically aimed at their community. It’s time consuming for someone who’s not a realtor to find market information; therefore, providing them with valuable information allows you to build a relationship with them.

Never Get Discouraged by Leads

Patience is the key to almost everything in life, whether it’s personal or business related.  It’s important to nurture your leads regardless if they’re a cold or warm lead. In the market of real estate, a high percentage of realtors can agree that it’s difficult to stay consistent with sales throughout the whole year. But if you take the time to always show your clients how knowledgeable and professional you are, they’ll most likely do business with you later on. Most people aren’t ready to buy a property within the first few months of searching, but if you continue to show consistency in your work habits it will pay off.

Have APersonal Touch

Although you may have email campaigns in place, it is just the  start. The email campaigns help you produce content and send out mass emails. But when the leads become hot it’s well respected if you make a phone call to your prospect and answer any questions they have without making a sales pitch. It’s important to listen and build a relationship with the prospect because they want to work with someone who’s supportive and will guide them into the right direction instead of treating them as if they were another sale.

Art & Science Of Having Nurture Campaigns In Place
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