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Be A Consistent Prospector

Want more money? I’ll show you how. C-O-N-S-I-S-T-E-N-C-Y! It’s the hardest thing for the majority of realtors to do when it comes to prospecting. There are hundreds of excuses you can make when it comes to making the calls but it’s important to understand that every call you don’t make becomes an opportunity that is lost. It usually takes a person twenty-one days before their brain registers that what they’re doing becomes a habit.

Change The Name “Prospecting”

Make your tasks more fun by changing the name and approach when it comes to prospecting. When most people hear the word “prospecting” they tend to dread on it and it sucks the soul out of their energy. There’s literally no emotional connection when it comes to prospecting.

Imagine if you changed the name of prospecting to something like:

  • Power Hour
  • Appointment Setting Time
  • Building My Network
  • Gaining Assets Hour

It puts your grind to a different level because you personally changed the name to your own preferences. It also creates a drive and new motivation for you to be consistent in your prospecting.

Put It In Your Calendar

It’s crucial to make yourself accountable and actually commit to it because the outcome will be a reflection of your income. Prospecting is just as important as if it was an appointment with a client because they have the potential of being your future clients as well.

Making phone calls may not be for everyone that’s why it’s recommended that you try and make calls with a friend so that you’re both grinding with each other. It gives both you and your friend motivation because you’re not doing the prospecting by yourself. It’s also good to call with someone because you can get critique criticism of your strength and weaknesses.

Who’s Your Competition?

The only competition that you should have is yourself because your income will be dictated by the amount of time you put into making calls. The fear of knowing that your rent, bills, or anything that requires the use of money should bring the fuel and motivation to your everyday grind.

Sadly to say, sometimes that’s not enough for real estate agents to get them going. Some agents just don’t perform well unless there are other additional incentives. One great incentive could be creating competition between someone in your office to see who can set more appointments all month long and the loser would have to give up something like lunch or a listing if you’re that competitive.

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