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A Beginners Guide to Digital Marketing for Realtors

At one a point or another, even the most tech-phobic realtors decide to make the transition and start doing business online. Yet all too often, real estate agents end up scratching their heads over how to market themselves and produce a significant online presence. This is made even more difficult because the online housing market is over-saturated with competition.

We live in age were customers expect to examine properties online before booking a viewing. In fact, 80% of all homebuyers are searching online, as opposed to through traditional marketing avenues like newspapers. Realtors are stuck in between relying outdated marketing methods and taking the plunge into a new marketing strategy with lots of competition.

However, firms that differentiate themselves from the competition by producing a detailed content marketing strategy can still make a killing. Producing a professional website, drawing up an outreach strategy and driving traffic to your website are all you need to get started. Below we look at how you can use digital marketing to boost your real estate firm’s earnings.


1.    Create an SEO optimized website

Whether you pay for a professional to design your website or do it yourself, you’re going to want to have one that’s optimized with SEO in mind. Paying extra to have your site’s on and off page content optimized for search engines will make it much easier for you to market your brand down the line. The key to optimizing your site effectively is picking focus keywords that your clients search for regularly.

There are many websites and third-party tools like Moz explorer that you can use to assess the best keywords for you. Whilst you want to be able to reach as many people as possible, it’s a good idea to try and find keywords that aren’t oversaturated with local competition (such as “Real estate Agent LA”). Ideally you want to niche yourself down.

2.    Produce Regular Content

Once you have a site set up, it’s a good idea to start producing content to target potential clients. Producing content with strong keyword density and providing actionable information and advice to your target market are the key to making an impression online. Think about the kind of problems that your audience has, and what kind of advice they need.

For example, if you specialize in rented accommodation for people on holiday, an article like “How to Get the Best Price for Your Getaway Accommodation” would help those looking for that kind of accommodation, i.e. your target market. You’ll not only draw new eyes to your site (Targeted leads!), but you’ll start to situate yourself as an expert within your industry.

3.    Convert your leads!

Once you start to get visitors to your site, you need to get them to convert. Producing landing pages with engaging sales copy, promotions, email opt-in forms and CTA’s will encourage your audience to pull the trigger and reach out to you. For example, a call to action such as “call us now to arrange a viewing” is a good way to encourage the reader to act and contact you.

One great way to encourage conversions is to offer a free newsletter, where you breakdown what properties you have available and other weekly news in your business or area. This way you’ll pique the customer’s curiosity by giving them something to browse, whilst also converting them from a lead into an email subscriber.

4.    Email Marketing


The great thing about email marketing is it can be used with both warm and cold prospects. You can use email marketing to send out regular promotions, offers and news to your existing subscribers, or you can use it to cold email new potentials. The best part is sending an outreach email is completely free.

When contacting a new prospect, you need to make sure that you have a thorough understanding of their needs and educate to them as to how you can help them. Email marketing is very much a sales game, so you must make sure that your sales copy is on point if you’re going to have any success in this area.

Digital Marketing is the New Marketing


Though starting up a digital marketing strategy can seem like a big leap for a traditional bricks and mortar real estate firm, it needn’t be. Taking some time to prepare a strategy and ensuring that you have the fundamentals down right will leave you in good stead to build a solid online presence and reach out to new customers. After all, taking your business online amplifies your reach massively.

The best part of digital marketing is that you don’t need to spend a fortune to build your brand. Employing the help of marketing experts is always useful, but there’s more than enough information out there for you to lay the groundwork yourself. Of course, you can always hire outside help further down the line.

A Beginners Guide To Digital Marketing For Realtors
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