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Building Rapport

In the world of real estate, the longer you’ve been in the industry the more likely you are to become successful from your experiences. Although you may have many transactions during your career, what’s more important is the experience you deliver to your clients. Has your customer service satisfied your clients to where you have earned a referral from them?

Earn Respect

A rule of thumb in life is “you give respect to earn respect”. If you didn’t know, time is a key factor when it comes to respect. You should never arrive late to a meeting or showing when it comes to your clients. Plan your trip accordingly so that you are there at least 5 to 10 minutes ahead instead of being exactly on time or potentially late.

Clients want to work with an agent who’s the quickest and most responsive to their needs. When a client is looking to buy or sell a home, there are hundreds of questions and emotions that they go through during the process. Be their support system and provide them with pure confidence when it comes to the decision process.


It can be hard to believe but although you may think you know everything real estate related, you’re most likely not going to know how your client feels. Listening to their concerns and emotions lets them know that you truly care about them. You need to be understanding because dealing with a real estate transaction can be a heavy load for someone who doesn’t do it for a living.

When an agent and a client are able to communicate easily they are able to form a relationship with trust.  The goal is to provide your client with the best customer service in hopes of potential referrals in the future. You want to leave an impact on your clients and give them an experience of a lifetime where they can remember you for all the right reasons

Share Expertise Not Opinions

Knowledge is a strength that no one can take from you. Learning about all events and news that’s happening in the community that you’re farming makes you the super agent of the area. When dealing with clients, the more informative you are about new developments and problems in the neighborhood, the more they will trust you because of your knowledge.

If you know that house prices are rising and the property is priced well, let your clients know that it’s time to put in an offer. Since you are an expert of the community, they will listen and proceed with the process. Being able to direct your client to purchase a home that you know will increase in the future will make an impact because you are able to save them money using your expertise.

Although you may know everything about a community, it’s important to remember to keep your personal preferences to yourself because your clients may feel insulted. For example, just because you prefer tiles rather than wood floors does not mean that they have the same preference as you do.

Building Rapport
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