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Business Fundamentals For Realtors

You are sure to come across “real estate experts” who claim to know the secrets to success in the real estate industry. Despite those gurus having the formula for success, you will soon realize that what works for one will not work for the other. However, real estate is a community, and most of the principles that work for one of your colleagues are sure to get you off on the right foot.

So, who are you? An agent or an entrepreneur?

How you will fare in the world of real estate is strongly influenced by your mentality, if you are an agent you are thinking like an employee, are intimidated by the market forces, you move from idea to idea, live in a feast and famine mode, and are likely always looking for a silver bullet.

On the other hand, if you are an entrepreneur, you are sure to live and breathe real estate. You think of serving rather than selling. You enjoy constant growth despite what market analysts predict. Your mindset and approach towards the business are what is going to help you reach your goal. To further elaborate, we have a few tips that can be useful for someone entering the real estate community.

1.     Know the Basics

The basis for any business is proper management, knowing what your inventory consists of and of course, service. For a business like real estate, you need to go the extra mile for your clients, thus the “serving not selling” mentality. Discussing your potential customer’s budget, knowing their lifestyle and what will satisfy them is necessary to set your business apart from others. It is all about knowing your product and client inside out. Remember, you are catering to their needs and not just getting a commission.

2.     Be Present

Not just physically, or with your clients, you need to be present on all platforms of real estate, including advertisement, digital marketing, realtors conferences, and social media. This is the need of the hour, and your consistent presence will embody your professionalism and convey to your client the extent of your commitment, hence the “live and breathe” statement of the entrepreneurial mindset.

3.     A Solid Call to Action

A strategically strong business entity knows where it is going and what it needs from its customers. In short, your call to action needs to convey a clear message to your customers. Yes, your website needs to be attractive, but does it direct the visitors to enter their information or write down their specifics? Options to customize their search or enter the exact budget they wish to work on. Additions to your website, such as “sign up now” or search by a specific location, are a perfect call to action for a realtor.


The best thing you can do for your business as a realtor is to build relationships and know the policies and the law surrounding any property you are dealing with. You can speak to a business manager or professional to understand the fundamentals of the real estate business.

Business Fundamentals For Realtors
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