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Business Planning for 2019

You might have not noticed yet, but we’re now heading into the fourth quarter of the year. Time is crunching for you to either reach your 2018 goals or if you’re luckily enough, surpassing them. It’s always good to start planning ahead for next year’s business plan because goals become reality.

Strategic Review

The first thing that needs to happen during the business-planning phase is to gather up with your team and review all of the strengths and weaknesses that has been encountered with throughout the year. This will give the company a better insight with what’s working and what needs more attention. Not only does this benefit the business but it also builds a culture within the company because your employees are able to express the flaws amongst each other.

Marketing Strategies

It’s important to make sure that you are up to date with any new trends that are up and coming. Depending on what type of programs, apps or even CRM systems the business is currently using, there may be better ones being develop by the end of the year. You want to choose the most efficient and effective programs that best fits your business roles.

Online marketing will continue to develop in such a fast pace that you have to be up to date. For example, when building out a community page on Facebook you need to be proactively posting roughly 6 articles or photos a day to be able to keep up with other content in the feeds. If you are searching for 6 piece of content for 7 days a week, you’re definitely spending at least 4-5 hours weekly in search of these articles. By staying up to date with programs and services out there, meetEdgar has been a total game changer for us, a marketing agency. It has provided us the opportunity to use a RSS feed that gathers fresh content on the topics we want. We save tons of hours that get put into other important tasks.

It’s always good to touch base with friends, acquaintances or even associates to find out what’s trending. Just because one may not work in the same field as you, doesn’t mean they won’t able to provide you with good knowledge or insights. Joining masterminds may also be a great business plan for you because can help you develop new skills or even an easier avenue to find out what’s trending.

Business Planning For 2019
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