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Closing Strategies

What type of techniques are you using to close? We know that the closing process can be the deal breaker sometimes because it all depends on your personality and the strategies that you use to get into escrow. Make sure to always give your clients the best representation you can offer because you can receive future business through their referrals. Here are a few closing strategies to get you into escrow.

Knowledge is Power: Believe in yourself

Confidence is key when dealing with clients regardless if it is with the buyer or seller. The more educated you are about the property and location, the more of a credible source you will be. No one wants to work with agents that don’t believe in themselves because when you’re dealing with large transactions, people don’t want anything to go wrong during the process. Homeowners and home-buyers want to work with someone who can deliver and be very knowledgeable because it gives them a sense of security that you’ll be there every step of the way.

Justifying Your Offer:

Agents that are representing the buyer should make an offer on the property based on the information of the home. The offer should be reasonable and you can use the financial statistics to confirm and justify the numbers. Don’t low-ball the seller because there will be other offers sent to the seller. Make sure your bid is based on the market value to get the best results.


You probably don’t realize it but something as simple as listening is a very crucial closing strategy. Give your clients the ability to speak their minds because although you want to close your transaction as quickly as possible, it’s more important to cater to them. It’s your job to help find them their dream home and not make it seem like you’re all about just making money. This plays a role because not only are you working for your client but, you’re possibly working to receive a referral through them because you cared and listened to all of their needs.


No one is as comfortable in a real estate transaction than an agent. Both buyers and sellers can be very indecisive during the process because they’re not sure what they want. When clients are indecisive during the transaction, they are more likely to pull out of the contract until they feel comfortable. Be assertive and simplify every detail to your clients so that they understand everything. If both the agent and client are indecisive, the possibility of going into escrow is limited.

Closing Strategies
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