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Contract to Close

Whether you’re a full-time or part-time real estate agent, you understand that there are a lot of important events that need to meet crucial deadlines. It’s hard to remember everything that requires your attention to especially if you don’t have a CRM system to set action plans for your transactions. It’s crucial that you have systems in place because even after closing escrow, there are also important feedbacks you need to retain from your clients. Although you may assume that the reviews are pointless, they’re actually not because it allows you to improve your business in spots you didn’t think needed improvement.

Checklists to Smooth Closings

Having a checklist in place helps you run your business smoother because it keeps you in order and tracks down everything you have accomplished during the transaction. Many realtors think they can remember all the activities that are needed to be done, but what happens when you have multiple listing. It becomes chaotic and meeting every deadline is crucial because you can be doing your clients a disservice if you can’t commit to getting all their paperwork turned in on time, which you can potentially cause the clients miss out on a deal.

A checklist is only recommended if you don’t already have CRM system. If you already have a CRM system then you know that you can incorporate your system online, which allows you to have your checklist digitally. In today’s generation, the convenience of having your to-do list from the palm of your hand has made our lives as realtors much easier.

 Rave Reviews

On your checklist, one of the most important information that many agents forget to ask their clients is feedback. You must always find a way to get reviews from your client’s experiences to have a better understanding of how the process went. If you received a great review, you can use these as testimonials on your website or any social media sites to build your reputation. If you received criticism, take it as a learning lesson to improve all of your flaws so that it doesn’t happen to the next client.

 Increase Referrals

If you’re leaving your clients with an experience of a lifetime, you can guarantee that your clients will send any real estate referrals directly to you. It’s important to always provide the best customer service regardless of how much the home is worth. To be successful in real estate, you want to treat a 400k listing as if it was a 5 million dollar listing. No amount of money should define your work ethics

Contract To Close
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