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Creating Your Perfect Lead Magnet

Lead Magnets help to make your marketing efforts more effective by giving your target audience a taste of the type of real estate services and expertise you offer. The goal of a Lead Magnet is to create something of value – like a pdf or an e-book or a video training session – and then to offer it free-of-charge in exchange for the contact information of a prospective client (email address, phone number etc.) By engaging and capturing your leads with a free offer, you are piquing their interest in your true offerings and are thereby, hopefully, nurturing their loyalty over time to become part of your “tribe” and one of your active clients.

Now let’s break this concept down into its 3 key steps and discuss the overall scope of each.

Step 1: Target Your Audience

Maximizing the number of targeted leads you are getting for your offer requires an enticing Lead Magnet that immediately grabs the attention of your target audience and delivers real value to them. However, don’t make the mistake of trying to attract too many people. Be sure to keep your campaign uber-specific to your target audience. Your Lead Magnet must be relevant to the wants and needs of your audience or they won’t take the time to download it or view it, much less engage with it in a meaningful way. So, your first step is to sit down and thoughtfully determine who your target audience is, and if you have multiple audiences then you know you need to identify your top targets and craft separate Lead Magnets specific to each. The content a buyer is looking for differs from that which a seller is seeking, just as investors, first-time home buyers and veterans are all niche groups that must be addressed accordingly.

Step 2: Outline Your Content & Format

Once you’ve determined who your target audience is, the second step is to answer this key question: “What is something unique and useful you can offer to your target audience?” You must give your prospective leads a compelling reason to download/view your Lead Magnet. The bottom line here is that the success of your Lead Magnet is directly tied to your overall value proposition, which tends to address something that your target audience already knows they need, thereby requiring less convincing on your part. Instead of trying to create something you think they might want, figure out what they already do want and then do the work to make it available to them.

Additionally, while determining the format of content you will be offering via your Lead Magnet, be sure to focus on your strengths and go with a format that you feel most inspired to create. For example, some people are great writers and prefer to produce written content, while others may be comfortable and compelling on camera and prefer to create digital content. However, don’t forget to think this strategy through from the mindset of your target audience as well and create content in a format which you pre-determine to be most appealing to them. No matter what format you choose though, be sure to outline your content with an eye towards fast delivery and consumption in order to help move your prospects through your marketing funnel in an efficient manner.

Step 3: Create Your Lead Magnet(s)

With the strategic work complete, you still must put in the work to create your Lead Magnet! Keep in mind that Lead Magnets are typically offered via a landing page which prospects are sent to from any traffic source (and Lead Magnet Ads) of your choosing and creation. Increased, targeted traffic to your landing page means more lead conversions. Simple! So, to stand out from your competition, you must first take the time to craft the unique content you outlined in step two, complete with an irresistible headline to grab the attention of your target audience in the first place! While crafting your content, keep in mind that it should be simple, concise, and packed with value. Over-complicated and/or convoluted content will lead to lower conversion rates overall.

Additionally, you may want to consider outsourcing all or part of this creation process. There are plenty of freelancers out there who can help you to craft your unique content if this is a challenge for you or if you tend to work and brainstorm better as part of a team. Freelancers can also help you to design, produce and post: 1.) effective Lead Magnet landing pages – whether on your main website or as stand-alone sites, and 2.) sidebar images on your website and social media ads that serve to funnel traffic to your landing page(s). To research these types of freelance services, check out, and to name a few that are quite affordable for the ROI they tend to provide.

Hungry For More?

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Creating Your Perfect Lead Magnet
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