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Delivering a WOW Experience Using Digital Marketing

Real estate is such a saturated market that most realtors aren’t sure where to start.  In order to keep up with a very saturated market, there needs to be more growth in new developments to increase the amount of properties available.  Since this is the current state we’re in, applying new marketing improvements will give your current and potential clients an amazing experience. Digital marketing has changed the process of home buying and selling, therefore; here are some current marketing tools you should be using today.

Drone Videos:

A majority of people who are in the market looking to purchase a new home is most likely doing their shopping online. What better way to impress your audience than providing them with a drone video that provides them a 360 view of the property? There are two different types of drone videos I would recommend having if you choose to go this route.

For the first video, if the property is a new development and under construction, try making a time lapse of the development. This shows that you’re constantly out on the field, which makes it more impactful to your audience because it allows them to view the project from beginning to end within a matter of minutes. Your audience will appreciate the home more when they have the opportunity to view the progress of the home.

Another drone video that’s recommended and most common is one that paints a picture of the lifestyle of the home. The majority of homes listed are most likely fully developed homes that won’t need any major improvements to it. Find a target audience that you feel the house is made for and create a video that’s related to their lifestyle. For example, if you’re listing a $3-million home with a nice beach view, your target audiences will probably be intended for someone who lives a luxurious lifestyle. In this drone video, you would like to capture footage of the ocean view and have the drone flying towards the home. You can also add footage of someone hopping out of a Ferrari, giving your potential buyer a personal feeling because it’s probably the lifestyle they live. But, you must be open minded to other lifestyles because although it’s an expensive property, it may interest potential buyers who are low-key and family oriented, not just people who live a luxurious lifestyle.

YouTube Channel

One key visual outlet that many realtors may not be taking advantage of is YouTube. The ability to release content to anyone who has Internet access should be mind blowing to you. As a realtor, you should know by now that it’s important to form a community that makes you an iconic agent to that area. To be top of mind for potential clients, you need to create videos that provide the audience with upcoming events, new developments, market updates or even real estate tips of the week. This type of content makes you more relevant and impacts your viewers because you will be their number one source when it comes to anything that has to do with the community that you chose. Not only is YouTube good for personal content, but what about the drone videos that were created for past clients? Your drone videos also have the capability of being uploaded onto YouTube. These are all assets to your business and I can guarantee that anyone who sees the content that you produced will be thankful for the amount of time and effort put into it.

Delivering A WOW Experience Using Digital Marketing
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