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Social Media For Real Estate Agents

The world of marketing and ways to reach your clientele is not the same as it used to be. Your clients are no longer searching through print media inserts for a property or a place to rent, nor are they searching Yellow Pages for real estate agent contacts.

The market and methods of search have changed. Customers prefer to enter a few words into a search engine or come across their dream property while scrolling through a website. In light of this, it is necessary that realtors arm themselves with relevant marketing tools and reach the customers where they are available. While creating a Facebook page or Instagram account can be useful, it goes further than that, and you can find a few tips to help you right here.

1.     Pictures

Just like the Chinese proverb, a picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures can do wonders or your business, especially when about 4.2 billion people are using Instagram on a daily basis. As a realtor, this is the best way to attract customers to the property you offer. Instagram is one of the most user-friendly platforms for all ages, and a teenager is going to show his/her dad the coolest property available in their area. You have to be consistent with posting. This can lead to conversions at a faster pace than normal advertisements and also helps you create a brand.

2.     Facebook

If anyone needs a property in a certain area, they are sure to log in to Facebook and join a realtor’s page. Make sure you have a page on Facebook and post all your available properties on to that page. This is one of the most used platforms and is user-friendly, make sure your posts show a customer-centric approach and do not feel like you are trying too hard. Post relatable stories and current property policies and what is the requirement for certain kinds of properties.

3.     Twitter

Twitter is a comparatively lesser used platform. The idea is to create a timeline that works for potential buyers. Your consistency in Tweeting can help promote your business and increase exposure to potential buyers. You can add a human element to your social media presence by writing about the current policies, ideas for houses, what are the newest installations available and such, to attract interested customers.

This will help you connect with other real estate agents in your area. Association with others from the same field is a sure-fire way of getting more exposure. Study the trending hashtags that are relevant to your post, and you are sure to get great feedback and attract more interested clients.

4.     Be Present

Staying active on all your social media accounts is necessary. Stay hands-on and respond to people. Do not forget that customer service and making people feel important and special is the key to conversion. Create a LinkedIn profile for yourself, including your area and the type of homes your deal in. This is sure to get the attention of other real estate firms as well as genuine buyers.

No matter what social media platform you are utilizing, you need to direct your visitors as they want to stay anonymous, want to get answers to their specific questions, and search local listings.

Here is what you can do: add features such as a customized search option for your visitors, add options which require some information about the leads and categorize your offerings according to locations.


Do not ignore the importance of social media as it can take your business from 0 to 10 real quick and can play a vital role in building your brand. Speak to a social media professional to learn more about how you can use social media to further your brand and business.

Social Media For Real Estate Agents
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