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Dominating Your Market With Video and The Internet

The use of the Internet has drastically changed the world in all aspects of living. We are constantly streaming the Internet from our laptops, TVs, tablets and the most convenient electronic device of them all our smart phones. The undeniable truth is that the majority of people who access to these devices are constantly on them, which they’re most likely streaming videos or reading articles.

Builds Trust

As a real estate agent, your job is already tough enough trying to get people to trust you with listing their home. There are so many other realtors out there that are trying to get the same listing you are, but in reality what makes you different from them? If you know what you’re worth then you know that what you have to offer to potential clients will surpass other agents then it’s important to prove to them that you can.

One way to allow people to start trusting you is by creating videos that pertain to anything real estate. Your main goal when creating these videos is to educate people on questions about the real estate process. It’s very important to not try and sale your services in these videos because people don’t want to work with realtors who just want to list their home. They want someone who is well educated and someone who they can trust. If clients start seeing your content all over social media sites they’ll be able to recognize you as an educator which in return, when you do offer your services they’ll most likely list with you because of how educated you are with the home selling process.

Boosts Conversions and Sales

Video views tend to get the most results when it comes to content. It’s good to notate that one video can be posted on many social media websites allowing you the best outcome possible. This is so powerful because you don’t have to be physically there with your clients to educate them on certain things because they’re able to watch your video from a click of a button on their mobile devices.

If you are more advanced with today’s technology then you as a real estate agent should already be making weekly videos and also have a video on your landing page.  This will boost your awareness for future clients and it will definitely increase your sales because you actually have quality content for people to watch it. It builds credibility and makes it much easier for you to offer your services to people because all they would need to do is search up your name and you’ll pop up immediately all over their search engine.

Dominating Your Market With Video And The Internet
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