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Elements of Effective Real Estate Marketing on Facebook: The Community Info Page

What steps are you currently taking as a realtor to market for yourself or team? The goal is to be consistent and relevant with the content that you’re providing to your audience. The market is infested with realtors everywhere and it’s now become a new job for you to go above and beyond to brand yourself. Regardless of how long or short you’ve been in the industry, Facebook is still fairly new and is your shortcut to reaching success sooner.

Building Your Personal Community Page

The first step into creating a community page is knowing which area you want to farm. It’s crucial to pick an area that you are familiar with because your goal is to be the face of the community. The content posted on this page should not be about your recent sales or asking people for their business. A community page is a place where people are getting local news, events, pictures or even videos of anything that’s happening in the community.

Personalized Content

This is where I consider the fun part about creating a community page because it’s where you’ll be able to share a piece of your life to community. You can do this by taking pictures of food at the restaurants you eat at, events you attended or a building that’s beginning to be developed. The reason why you’re posting content of the places you go to is because you want to prove to your page that you’re the face/icon of the community. As a real estate agent, it’s hard to gain business because no one trusts you. That’s why being consistent with localized content on your page will get you a step closer to people to start trusting you.

Are you the LOCAL Expert?

The point of creating a community page on Facebook is to create a farm/audience so that later on potential business can come your way but it takes times. You have to provide your community page with anything and everything that’s happening in the community because it’s a great way to build trust. People will honor and respect your time for always providing them with content that affects them because it’s quality content and also informative news for them. You want to always be top of mind when it anything related to real estate and also community news.

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