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Growing Your Business Through Leveraged Events

The only way you’re going to grow as a real estate agent is by being able to put out content that’s valuable to your clients. It’s easier said than done, but the truth is the majority of agents are more camera shy than you think! You must create leveraged events to engage with your audience in order to produce more money.

Hosting Happy Hours

Ever considered how you can strengthen the relationship of your sphere in hopes of gaining new relationships or referrals? Well, one great way to do that is by leveraging happy hours events to your list of VIP. This can be a home event that’s hosted at your house, which gives you time to real life conversations between your networks.

The setting will allow your guests to feel relaxed and comfortable while in your presence. It’s your job as the host to create a vibe that works for everyone. This will give you opportunities to show people your real personality and it helps build a better bond between you and your sphere because of your kindness in welcoming people into your house. Respect your guests’ time and try to create and share experiences with them. Although your main goal is to build relationships, it’s important to also allow your sphere to network with each other.

Hosting Live Workshops (Online and Offline)

People love learning new things that become valuable and impactful in their lives. It’s not easy for many but once you’re able to host live workshops for your sphere and clients it will be the key in building brand awareness. The reason why hosting live workshops online is a game changer is because you’ll be able to teach and educate people from anywhere in the world. People will appreciate the content you provide them because it saves them time from having to do their own research and you then eventually become top of mind on the topics you teach about.

Another game changing event that you can leverage is by hosting live workshops at different businesses. Try and find places that you think will benefit most from your products or services. It’s important to identify all the potential ways you’re able to help your clients rather then solely selling your services. If it’s your first time hosting a live workshop, it’s highly recommended to provide lunch to increase the numbers of participants. It’s a great call to action because you are able to benefit greatly from the workshops.  You have the ability to get your face out to many people, which gives you more opportunities to brand yourself. Also, the content you teach will be valuable to people, as long as you chose the right audience to host a live workshop for. When you have the change to educate people, they’ll be thankful in the end and hopefully choose you to be their agent.


Growing Your Business Through Leveraged Events
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