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Highly Effective Habits Salespeople Use

As 2018 is coming to an end, it’s time for you to step up your game for more success in the upcoming year. There’s always room to enhance your knowledge especially when it comes to improving your habits for personal and business growth. It’s important to set yourself up for success now so that you can have a profitable year in real estate in 2019.

Opportunity Statement

When it comes to your listing presentation, you only have one shot. Your first impression towards your clients will play a huge part in getting that listing agreement. This is your opportunity to show your clients your own unique sales pitch that will attract them to your services instead of a sales pitch that’s chasing your prospects. It’s important to know that the opportunity statement is used with confidence because it will attract more interest.

Learning New Prospecting Systems

There are tons of new methods today when it comes to prospecting. It’s crucial to stay up to date with any new programs because it will give you the best advantage of getting the best and most quality leads. Joining weekly masterminds would be a great habit to pick up because people are constantly sharing what works. You want to have the best advantage when it comes to prospecting because the quicker you react to the leads, the higher chances you get of closing a real estate transaction.  Most motivated homebuyers are more likely to do business with the first agent that contacts them.

Follow-Up System

Regardless if you have the best prospecting systems in place or your expertise in real estate is excellent, if you don’t have a follow-up system then you’re doing it all wrong. Most agents feel that their work is done when they receive a hot list but that’s completely false. Nurturing is the key to converting all leads because you’re constantly in your prospects lives. No, you shouldn’t call them every single day but there are so many methods you can easily start implementing into your nurturing list. Some examples of constantly being in front of your prospects face can range from text messages, Facebook ads, YouTube videos and email. These are great strategies that you should be implementing on a daily basis to get a better return for 2019.



Highly Effective Habits Salespeople Use
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