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How to Convert Leads That You Already Have

It takes money to make money and if you understand this process you’re most likely converting multiple deals a year. If this doesn’t make sense to you, then I am assuming you’re not closing any deals a year. Prospecting has changed drastically within the last decade because the majority of people who are searching to buy a home are doing their shopping online. The main way to convert these people is by constantly being in their face.

Risk for Rewards

You have to be able to compete with other competitions out there because only the strong will survive in today’s market. The ability to be consistently on your sphere’s social media news feeds will be highly effective. Running ads to the leads you already have will give you a great chance in converting them into clients because you’ll be top of mind to them when it comes to real estate. You must be willing to put money up for social media because this is the only way you will get your face out to millions of people daily.

There is no cap on how much you should spend on promoting yourself online, but your presence is highly recommended. Even if you’re spending no more than $100 a month into ads, it’s still an asset for you in converting your leads because 90% of the realtors in today’s market haven’t even started. A great way to know how much you should be spending in online marketing is by doing a ROI (Return On Investment) on three months, six months and one-year period. You have to measure out if the amount you’re investing into ads is profitable, which will allow you to understand how much money you should put into ads and social media marketing.

Understanding Your Leads

When getting online leads, you have the opportunity to getting dead leads, warm leads or hot leads.  Most leads that are interested in what you have to offer will sign up within the first seven days. If they haven’t signed up with you after those seven days then they are the ones who are most likely not ready to buy. There are many effective ways in converting your leads, which ranges from emails, ring-less voice mails and text messages. You must have campaigns in place that’s ready to nurture your potential clients who are cold because not everyone is ready to buy today but can be within the next few weeks.



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