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How to Market Open Houses Using Facebook and Online Strategies

The traditional method of hosting and marketing for open houses has changed magnificently over the years. We use to only promote open houses by door knocking, printing flyers, and placing lots of open house signs all around the neighborhood for our listing.  Although these methods still work today, the use of social media and the Internet has allowed us to promote our listing to thousands of people compared to the old method that limited us to the people living in the neighborhood.

Take Photos

Before we even start promoting this listing online, the most important thing that many people forget is taking professional photography for the home.  Believe it or not, people today still think that photos taken from their camera will attract buyers for the property. With the way technology and new innovations has improved over time, when buyers are searching for homes from their phones, tablets and computers, they will easily bypass your home if the photos are not well taken.

Professional photography will be a game changer for the property if the sellers are motivated to sell. With properties selling for an average of 500k and up, paying someone roughly $150 to take quality photos that I can guarantee brings life into the home just makes complete sense to do so.

Create Event Pages FB

After your professional photos have been edited and posted on the MLS and websites such as Zillow, the next step is promoting your open house on Facebook. There are many methods to promote the open house but the easiest way to start if you’re new to Facebook is by simply creating an events page to invite your friends and network to the open house. Here you can put all the information about the property, when the event will take place, as well as time. The best thing about this is that you can also post all the professional photos on the wall to attract everyone’s attention. You will also have an idea of how many people will be attending the open house because when you create an events page it will let you know who has clicked to attend the event.  This lets you prepare such as how much wine and snacks you should purchase for the event.

If you’re an expertise in marketing, the next step you would take on would be advertising the open house on Facebook. This will open up your contacts greatly because it pops up in other people ‘s feeds depending on how you market to them.

How To Market Open Houses Using Facebook And Online Strategies
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