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How to Market to FSBO using Facebook and Online Strategies

For sale by owners are usually the hardest people to convert when it comes to taking over listings. The main reason is because they don’t want to pay a commission or a fee to the listing agent. Most FSBOs assume that they can sell their home on their own without any assistance, which is completely wrong. There is so much going on in a real estate transaction that if you don’t do real estate for a living you’d be lost. Although converting FSBOs into leads is difficult, it’s not impossible.


There are many ways to try and convert your FSBO leads into actual clients and one of the best ways to handle this is by educating them on the process. Regardless if FSBOs list with you or not, you need to somehow gain their trust before offering your services. Writing blogs or posting relevant articles about the real estate process would be a great start to your journey for marketing to FSBOs as a realtor. People will usually trust you more when you offer them free knowledge instead of selling them your services.

Where do you even post content for your potential clients? You want to build up a community page on Facebook and specifically target the people in the area you wish to farm. It’ll make your life easier when you know which location you’re going to farm and it will also make it cheaper when it comes to running ads to your audiences.

Email Campaigns

Another effective technique of marketing to FSBOs online is by creating email campaigns.  An email campaign is a sequence of emails that is sent to your subscriber when they opt-in to one of your landing pages. Just like you do with Facebook, your main goal in an email is to educate your potential clients in return for business later on.  When you build trust with someone you have never spoken to, it makes it much easier to convert them once you get the chance to meet with them face-to-face. Some topics you can have placed into your email campaigns are “Tips On Holding An Open House”, “How to Stage Your Home” or “Understand The Escrow Process” to name a few.

You may think it’s a waste of time to have an email campaign set, but in reality if you take the time to set it up now you’ll most likely have an easier conversion rate later on. It’s incredible to have a random person know who you are before even meeting you. The power of email campaigns will produce results, but you just have to put in the time into it just like anything else.

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