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How to Nurture Real Estate Leads with Content Marketing

If you think that by owning a website it will guarantee you business, you’ve completely mistaken how the Internet works.  The website is the base of where potential clients land but it’s the actual content that is being produced that triggers the audience’s attention for future business.  The amount of traffic that comes to your website or the amount of leads does not justify that you’re actually getting new clients either. To be successful in real estate, the content you produce have to be nurtured and implement by systems to make things more effective and efficient.

What does Lead Generation Consist of?

When dealing with lead generation, there are a couple of strategies that you will have to understand to make a successful online marketing campaign. The first one is called traffic generation and that’s all about driving people to your website whether it’s from social media, paid advertising or even from word of mouth. The second strategy is lead generation, which is mainly focused on the conversion rate from the website. The conversions are based on calls to action that produce more leads. The last strategy is lead nurturing which is the consistency that you keep a conversation going with the contact until the are officially converted into a client.


Most agents don’t realize it, but when a potential client is searching for a home, they’re most likely not buying from your website.  It’s important to utilize everything that your website has to offer, which is the blogs page. It’s crucial that you make sure that the blogs are written in-house because you can free promote the blogs on any social media sites without worrying about copy writing. Blogs are important to lead generation because people are usually reading and learning about the home buying process before they start searching for an agent to work with. You can run engagement ads on Facebook and promote your blogs so that people can get educated on anything real estate. From clicking on your blogs, your audience will have the ability to roam your personal website which can potentially bring you future business.


The best way to consistently stay connected with your audience without bothering them during their busy work schedule is email. It’s effective and efficient because you can blast thousands of emails at one time. The potential clients have the ability to check their emails on their free time, which is a lot better than calling them while they’re working.

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