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How To Run A Great Team Meeting

It’s kind of difficult to run a business without having a weekly review with your team about what’s going on. You need to learn how to set goals for each week so that it gives everyone a purpose and understanding on what the important objectives for the week are.

Create Positive Attitude Towards Meeting

Running a great team meeting requires great attitude. As a team leader, you want to approach each situation positively unless the problem is of a serious matter. By creating a culture that allows each team member to speak openly about his or her thoughts and opinions, it will allow growth within the business. When employees are fearful about expressing their opinions, it will prevents the business from growing because it doesn’t allow necessary change within company.

Determine Big Projects From Small Projects

During the team meeting, it’s best to utilize the time effectively and efficiently. Collectively as a team, determine what your big projects are from your small projects because it will give your team a better understanding on what the important tasks are for the week. For a real estate office, small projects can be as little as having each team member making 10 cold calls a day and following up with each client.

An example of a big project for a real estate office can be focused on marketing a new property that the team has just listed.  This is a big project because there are so many methods of marketing and you want to utilize all your efforts in promoting the property. Some marketing methods consist of hosting open houses, taking professional photography and putting the listing on the MLS to name a few.


At the end of the day, it’s most important to be consistent with everything you do. Take accountability to hosting your weekly meetings because it helps prep the weekly agenda for you and your team. When you have a recap of last week’s progress, it opens doors for your employees to see what they could have done better to have a more successful week. It also shows that you’re serious about the company and are always looking forward to making the company better.

Your attitude must also stay consistent just like your work ethics. The company’s culture depends on the way you lead the team. Work meetings should not be something your team doesn’t want to show up to because all you do is grill them. That’s not the purpose of hosting a meeting. The purpose of it is to provide an opportunity to grow with your team and mentor them in the right direction.

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