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Lead Generation Tactics for Agents

When it comes to online lead generation tactics, there’s so much different information floating about that it can be difficult to know where to start. All too often, masses of lead generation tactics are banded about with little guidance in when or how they should be used. As a result, many realtors become overwhelmed and fall into the trap of paralysis by analysis.

Yet lead generation doesn’t need to be needlessly complicated. It’s true you can roll out about 40 weird and wonderful ways to generate leads, but should you? We’re of the opinion that you should look to do execute a core set of lead generation tactics well before branching incorporating anything new. Below we take a look at 5 essential lead generation tactics to incorporate into your business.

  1. SEO Optimize Your Website

If you want to generate leads, one of the best places to start is to SEO optimize your website. It comes as no surprise that when people are looking for real estate, search engines are one of the first places they go to look. Placing high on local search terms is a great way to get new leads coming to your website. The great thing about SEO optimizing is that you can actually target your leads as well.


If you’re looking for quality leads, optimize your sites keyword content to match the terms this target market will be searching. General search terms like “houses in LA” will not attract the quality leads that a specific search term will (highlight your real estate niche). Keyword tools like those on Moz will help you choose the most appropriate keywords and assess the local competition.

  1. Video Content

Video content is fast emerging as one of the most compelling lead generation strategies available to realtors online. Nothing gets potential buyers more excited than a video of a current listed property. In this business, a picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth 10,000. Yet your not limited to showing off your properties through video content either.

You can upload videos of the local area and your team, to develop a more complete picture for leads to look at. By doing this you humanize your brand and leave the audience with a strong emotional impression. This will be the strong impression that will drive them straight to your contact form to communicate with your sales team.

  1. Lead Capture Forms

Once you have your website up and running, a lead capture form should be your number one priority. Your lead capture form is the gateway between site visitors and leads that convert. This means you should have multiple ways for people to reach out and contact you on your site. Whether that’s subscribing to an email newsletter, or following your CTA to “call us now”.

Putting lead capture forms on your site is a one-time investment (if done correctly) and allows you to generate leads without doing anything at all. The key to effective lead capture forms is visibility. A CTA to your contact page at the end of an article, a email signup plugin in the sidebar and a call us now section in the header are all you need to make sure your audience knows how to take the next step and reach out to you.

  1. Segment Your Emails

You probably already know that developing a list of email subscribers and using cold emails is very important to your online success, but you might not have heard of email segmentation. Email segmentation is a fancy name for breaking down your audience into distinct groups and sending different emails to each group.

This way you won’t be irritating long time subscribers with hard selling cold emails, and you won’t be wasting time on leads who have given up on you. Sending an email newsletter to your subscribers will help to ensure that you have a stable of strong leads at your disposal. Strong leads are those that stick around and are more likely to convert into customers.

  1. Use Facebook (With and Without Ads)

Finally, it’s a good idea to utilize a Facebook page and Facebook ads to bolster your online presence. Running a page like ads campaign can help you to reach out to lots of new leads who can connect with you simply by clicking the ‘like’ button to connect with you. These likes then become a part of regular audience and your network of customers.

If you don’t want to spend the money on advertising then producing regular content rich posts is the way to go. You need to constantly upload photos, industry insights and share third party content relevant to your target audience to keep eyes on your page. You should put out content that either provides entertainment, insight or both.


Keep It Simple

The most important thing to remember is to keep your strategy simple. If you try to use too many different strategies at once, you won’t be in control of your lead generation. However, if you start off with a handful of lead generation techniques you can maintain a much clearer overview of what’s working and what isn’t. Instead of reacting to your leads, you’ll be able to actively nurture them.

Ultimately, your success is predicated on combining compelling content and making it easy for customers to take action and contact you, Whether your leads sign up to an email subscriber list, call you or email you, you need to make sure you’re easy to reach. After all if your content is good but your customers find it hard to contact you, you’ll fail to convert.

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Lead Generation Tactics For Agents
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