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LinkedIn: Expanding Your Network and Connecting

Social media has taken over and occasionally dictated the success of our businesses. It’s time to reflect and figure out what options are available to keep up with the online world. There are so many social media outlets out there, so how do you start? It important to look for a platform that allows you to present to other business professionals. A resourceful platform I would highly recommend is LinkedIn because you are able to connection with business professionals from all walks of life. To become successful in real estate, it’s crucial to step up your game and network with everyone because when it comes to marketing a property there are many useful companies you could use to assist you.

Open Up your Network

The most logical thing to do when you first sign up for LinkedIn is to start making connections with you top five to ten influencers in your industry. This gives you an opportunity to also make connections with people that’s in your niche or industry. The influencers that you connect with should ideally be someone who is likely to have a network full of your potential clients. As a real estate agent, connecting with Steve Harvey might not be most realistic connection to make with because he will attract such a wide variety of people. Try making connections with people like Billy Gene or Grant Cardone who are digital marketing and real estate gurus.

Message Your Network

As you move your work platform online, messaging your new connections will be the new method of prospecting.  But it’s not what you think; we’re not selling or trying to make sales from the start. By transitioning on a platform such as LinkedIn, your main goal is to build a real relationship and essentially moving the conversation into a phone call or even better a coffee date. The reason why you have to come with this approach is because people want to talk to someone who’s real and not a campaign bot set up to collect leads. The people on LinkedIn are professional business people who are also looking to grow the network and also relationships.

Posting and Engaging

Content is key, regardless what your profession is. Without it, then your feeds would have nothing and the ability to like or comment would not be possible. Be careful of the content you post because the things you post or republish will be seen from your perspective, which could be a good thing or bad. Focus on posting quality content over quantity because you want to offer a different spin in what you post allowing you to be unique from other people. Lastly, make sure you content is relevant to your community because your end goal is to connect personably with your connections.

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