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Marketing Strategies

Today’s markets are fiercely competitive; there is no shortage of mediums in the virtual and social space that can be utilized to market your services.  Your goal should be to become the first choice for the right customer at the right time and this is a challenge.

The top spot is not easy to reach unless you are the only realtor in a specific area. The truth is simple; you want to reach to the top and become the first option. However, to propel your business ahead of your competitors and gain an edge over them, you have to employ marketing strategies that work in today’s setting. In light of this, mentioned below are some strategies that you can implement to get a maximum return on your investment.

1.     A professional website

Anyone can build a website; the real challenge here is to get the correct balance of aesthetics and functionality that leads to professionalism. Your website is your first big impression; it should immediately give the prospective buyer the sense of authenticity. Your focus should be on the speed, ease of navigation and quality of the content.  Do not congest the website with ads, you are not in the business of selling marketing platforms, you are here to get someone a property and your site should convey that message.

2.     3D Matter port scanning

A Matter port 3D camera is an essential for real estate business; this technology stitches together a three-dimensional dummy-house for the buyer to go through. The camera scans and creates an exact virtual representation of the property in question. You can hire matter port professionals to assist you or get a grip on the workings of this technology yourself; in any case, this is the most technologically forward marketing tool you can invest your time and money in.

3.     A professional photographer

A visual experience is what attracts customers, no matter how practical they consider themselves. The right strategy here is to get a professional “real-estate” photographer to create enticing visuals of the real estate you have. People are cruising through hundreds and thousands of listings; they will click on a well captured and attractive image.

4.     A video walkthrough

List a certain property in a specific area on your website and interested customers will rush to check it out. Create a video walk-through of the property while giving a professional voice over. This strategy will help you estimate the number of interested people and allow the prospective buyer to see what the place looks like in person.

5.     Content marketing

Do your research and find websites where your content can be marketed to attract comparatively more customers. Build useful and relevant content on local websites that ultimately leads to your website and your services. As a real estate agent enlist your services with websites such as LinkedIn. Quora and Medium. However, the first step is to build SEO content on your own website, which may just bring your website into the limelight.

6.     The squeeze page

A squeeze page is a necessity in marketing strategies for realtors. This will get you real leads and a little information, an email or a phone number from interested visitors. You can always add options such as subscribe! Or an on-page form that analyzes specific needs of the potential buyer. This is sure to get you real data to work with.


Stay with the times; build a foolproof marketing strategy that incorporates all the relevant social media and technological platforms into your business.

Marketing Strategies
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