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Mastering the Close With Digital Marketing

Are you currently struggling to adapt to the quick improvements of technology that’s affecting your closing skills? The old methods of door knocking and direct mailers to your farm area still works but if you’re still doing this then you have to step it up. Many realtors are quickly learning the process of how online marketing works because it drives traffic and brings results.

Social Media

We’re so accustomed to sending out a postcard to our farm area and don’t realize that it ends up in the trash most of the time. There’s no way to guarantee that every household reads the content you provide on the postcard. Although your goal is to build a reputation in the community by hoping that people will recognize you from the post card, it’s most likely not going to work. If you want to increase your chances in closing deals with potential clients in your area, you must start incorporating your presence online.

The best way to start improving your closing skills is by constantly being in front of your audiences so that you become a trusted source. The majority of consumers are spending most of their time on their laptop, cell phone or tablets therefore; having a presence online makes a bigger impact than you think. When posting content on your social media accounts, it’s important to keep in mind that you want to provide things that are valuable to your audience. When you educate your audience instead of constantly trying to sell your services to them, they begin to trust you more because they feel that you’re knowledgeable about the community. Ultimately, when there’s a window of opportunity, it will be a smoother process into closing your clients.

Weekly Email Campaigns

The strategy into closing more deals is to be consistent with putting out tons of content to your audience. Another great way to provide yourself with more closing appointments is by producing a weekly email campaign to your list of audiences. The weekly campaigns should include everyone in your sphere from current clients, potential clients, past clients, friends, family and mentors. Just like you were doing before with posting content on your social media sites, you’ll be doing the same in your weekly email campaigns. The thing that’s different about the email campaigns is that you only send out content once a week, therefore; it gives you seven whole days to provide your sphere with the most important topics of the week. Your goal remains the same by only providing them with content that’s valuable and relatable to them, such as posting localized content so that they, as well as you, are aware of what’s going on in the community. Never directly sell your services in your emails because emails are only meant to be informative.

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