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Mindset “How Thoughts Are So Powerful”

The process of how people’s minds work is incredibly fascinating because each and every living thing that has a brain has the ability to think for itself. We probably don’t realize it but on average we have about 50,000 thoughts a day, which is roughly 35 thoughts per minute that the human mind processes.

Thoughts Start With You

Whether it’s making personal or business goals, the thought process starts with you.  All decisions, actions and inventions come from the mind.  When you are deciding which title company to use or which escrow team to work with, it all begins with one thought. The mind gives us the ability to identify what we would like to change and from there it goes off to thinking.

Having mentors and guides in your daily sphere provides you with a better mindset because they share personal thoughts that become motivational to the mind. When the mind is at a positive state it continues to build a more positive atmosphere, which allows more progress to happen.

Majority of thoughts are Negative

Although there are thousands of thoughts flowing through our minds everyday, the majority of them are negative thoughts. It’s important to know this because when a realtor is trying to work with a client, they need to understand that people are always doubting the process or second-guessing themselves.

We can’t stop all the negative thoughts that develop in our minds but we do have the ability to make small adjustments in thinking positively when the opportunity arises.  Any increase in positive thinking can make an impact in the quality of your results.

Ability to Change Your Thoughts

Most for sale by owners dislike the fact that hundreds of realtors call them to try to list their home. They want to avoid listing with an agent because they feel that they can do it by themselves. The best thing about having the ability to think is that you can sometimes read someone else’s mind without having them speak out loud.

Before you call a for sale by owner, you need to use your brain and try to figure out what they have been going through the last few weeks of listing their home. The mind is so fascinating because you can control what strategies and approaches you’re going to use before deploying your action.  The mind stores all the rebuttals you come up with incase your potential clients have a question to ask. When you deliver without hesitation and become more informative, it allows the potential clients to build more trust with out. When a relationship is formed, it opens up a positive flow and provides opportunities for new business.

Mindset “How Thoughts Are So Powerful”
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