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Mindset Principles To Stay Motivated

Real estate, like any other business, has leaders and followers. Motivation may be the key difference in these two mindsets. Motivated individuals are inspired to do something out of the ordinary; they have a need to achieve whereas a de-motivated agent will be content with the number of sales he makes every month.

Ask yourself this, what inspires you? What drives you? If it is just the number of sales and the monetary value attached to them, then it is safe to say that your mindset to approaching this industry is certainly wrong. A powerful and productive way of thinking and analyzing goals begets principles that can pave the way to top performance.

1. What is your mindset: CEO or Employee?

Just because you are your own boss, it does not give you the freedom to stay stagnant. Do you want to grow? Act like it. Maintain profit/loss statements, create effective and well-researched marketing strategies, track cash flow and expenses and create a financial plan for the fiscal year. This will make you the boss in true meaning, managing your income and overall business will make you sustainable. What is recorded in the books and the response you will get from your marketing tactics will keep you motivated to achieve more.

2. What does the big picture look like to you?

If you are looking to close a couple of big deals every month and form a stable income and commission then you won’t ever be moving out of your tiny bubble, a bubble that will pop if you don’t propel your business in the future. People don’t grow in safe zones; you have to look above the horizon, sure there will be challenges, but you have to care enough for the big picture and let nothing stop you. Set goals for the fiscal year; go a little bit higher than what is a doable, unrealistic goals are not the best motivators. Research the environment where you plan to grow and be prepared if you are faced with a challenge out of the blue. Try to adopt the “I don’t care what comes my way, I will face it” attitude.

3. Be a visionary

This is a principle that works across the business community; you need to have a vision. A blurry vision is not inspiring or motivating in the least, do not create a vague idea of success. This will only prompt you to sit and wait for it to just happen. You need to be motivated by the ultimate goal to put in the extra effort. Make sure that you apply the goal-setting principle to your real estate business; a clear aim can be very motivating. Once you know what you are looking for you will begin the search and in this case, all of your daily activities will slowly become reflections of your vision.

Bottom Line

There are no shortcuts in the real estate world, a set of principles and motivation from the objectives you set for yourself is sure to help you stay on track. It all comes down to how dedicated you are to achieving your goal and dedication comes from motivation.

Mindset Principles To Stay Motivated
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