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Morning Routine and Daily success Rituals

A positive frame of mind is what is going to set the tone for the rest of the day as soon as you get up for work in the morning. You see, success is a mindset and you cannot reach your goals by being impatient, indecisive and negative.

As a real estate agent, you probably start your day bright and early, work hard all day; but, are you a top performer? If no, what is it that is separating you from the greats in this business? Let’s take it one step at a time and adhere to the advice of people who have made it to the top just by starting the day off on the right note.

1.     Do you have a ritual?

What is it that you do in the mornings that makes you happy? Maybe a cup of warm coffee or some lemon water? After a keen observation, there was one thing common among top achievers and that is having a morning ritual. “I cannot start my day without my coffee, it just doesn’t feel right,” said one. Do something that refreshes you, and makes you feel good – and your energy and attitude will translate into your work.

2.     Review your goals

A smart agent does his homework. Have a little quiet time and go over the goals and achievements that you are set to ace that day. Set smart goals, something that can be achieved in the time-frame you have mentioned, something that you can give your hundred percent to. Allocate time to each task and set your priorities. An agenda can come in handy; you can review your long-term goals once a month or week and compare the progress you have made.

3.     Breeze through administration work

Returning phone calls, answering emails and paperwork can weigh you down, do it every day, each day to get it out of the way as soon as possible.

4.     Align your leads

Successful agents work on their leads every single day of the week, and the number of leads does not really matter. Working on those leads is what counts; you can always contact homeowners with private or expired listings and inquire if they need your help. Another great tip is to call at least one old client to inquire if they need help looking for a new house or anything related to your job description.

5.     Get your marketing face on

Always, and we mean always think strategically about your next marketing move. Spend some time every morning posting something, checking your platforms and being present. Check the feedback and jot down points for the next content update. Work on your marketing strategies every morning and you will be motivated automatically.

6.     Know the market and clients

Do not go to work rushed and without the facts aligned, this can cost you a client. Spend a few minutes gathering data about the clients you are to meet that day. Read about the current situation of the market; know your competitors every move, pay attention to detail and it I sure to pay off.


Routine is necessary for a real estate agent you need to know your time and terms before you start giving it to customers and homeowners.

Morning Routine And Daily Success Rituals
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