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Online Marketing Strategies for Realtors

Over the past few years, more and more real estate agents have embraced online marketing as a core sales tool. The market has become so over saturated that it can be very challenging to stand out. Nowadays it seems everyone is developing an online presence, and it can be difficult to cut through the noise and connect with your clients.

Yet even though the market raises a number of challenges, picking the right strategies can help you to reach out to customers more successfully. Taking a diverse approach and marketing on multiple channels is not only incredibly effective but also maximizes your reach. Below we look at some of the best strategies for closing sales and keeping your diary stacked with appointments.


  1. Email Marketing 

Email marketing has consistently proved itself as one of the pillars of generating leads and communicating with current clients. Whether you’re sending emails to your subscriber list or cold prospects, you have the opportunity to provide content and sell your service to a wide audience. A cold pitch email, welcome email, property advice newsletter and content driven email should all be part of your standard marketing toolkit.

Most people check their emails everyday so email can help you keep in contact and nurture leads towards sales further down the line. Whilst you’re aim is to help provide your target audience with useful content, you need to be selling yourself as well, creating sales pitches rounded off with CTA’s so that prospects can easily make the transition to being customers.



  1. Photo Content


More than any other industry customers expect to see high quality photos of real estate before considering doing business with you. Producing regular content with professional photos of your properties and the surrounding area, are essential if you want to get potential buyers passionate about the properties you have available.

Sometimes, a comprehensive set of photos is enough to plan seeds in the mind of your audience, and get them imagining themselves in a new home. Fleshing out the surrounding area by photographing the streets and local businesses help clients to develop an image of the lifestyle they would be living in your area. By giving your audience something visual to sink their teeth into you encourage them to pick up the phone.


  1. Social Media 

If you want to develop a solid online presence and maximize your sales potential, you need to incorporate social media into your online marketing strategy. Signing up on a site like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter will allow you to create a public profile and communicate with your followers more conveniently.

Posting your listings on social media and producing regular posts that provide industry insights to your target audience are a great combination for catching cold prospects attention. Likewise, the more likes you build up on your page, the more your brand benefits from ‘social proof’, and the more you demonstrate your expertise in the industry (i.e. you qualify yourself as a reputable business).


  1. Video Content 

No less important than content is video content. Taking videos of your properties, real estate tips and the local area produce a vivid image in the audience’s head. When you produce a video, you’re demonstrating how an area can enrich the audience’s life as opposed to telling them. It’s also extremely easy to share video content.

One great strategy is to produce virtual reality walkthroughs. This way a buyer can explore your properties from the comfort of their own home and get in a preliminary viewing. This method serves to pique the audience’s curiosity as they go on a mini exploration of the home in question.





  1. Start a Blog


Our final strategy is to create a regular blog. Homeowners and house buyers are always looking for tips on improving their home or buying/selling. Providing information that helps your target audience increases the level of value you provide, and makes you a content provider, as much as a real estate agent.


As a content provider you can build up a large audience over time and consistently demonstrate your knowledge of the industry. The key to success in this area is to keep putting out regular content. New content will help to keep your website fresh and exciting whilst nurturing leads towards a sale or conversion. You can also reuse your blog content by sharing it on social media.


Content Sells

To stand out online you have to make content that sells. If you produce content that catches attention and provides value you’re going to get more customers. Of course it’s on you to give them the final push with a timely sales pitch or CTA just to close the deal. Yes content is extremely important but it needs to be coupled with a sales push as well.

Don’t be deterred by the competitive market place in your local area, instead see it as an opportunity. Of all the real estate firms with an online presence, so few are running an effective marketing strategy, and even fewer are running one that’s optimized for sales. Taking the time to get your content marketing down will distinguish you as one of the few that get it, and set you apart from those firms that don’t.

If you’re interested in producing a digital marketing presence that converts leads to clients, contact us.


Online Marketing Strategies For Realtors
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