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Open House Strategies

How comfortable are you when it comes to hosting an Open House event for your clients? It can be very stressful at times when you put a great amount of effort into planning the event and no one shows up. Here are a few strategies we came up with to make your open house events more successful.


Market Your Event

MEGA Open House:

Be different from the competition and announce that you’ll be hosting a Mega Open House instead of a regular open house. It will grab a lot of attention from those that are unfamiliar with a Mega Open House. Usually a Mega Open House will bring 20+ motivated home buyers and sellers to the event.c

Social Media:

Have you noticed that as the years past new technology develops and you’re unable to keep up with other competition? Well, there’s no need to worry because I’ll keep you up to date with what’s happening today.  First thing you’ll need to do is simply create a 20-30 second video about the Mega Open House. The reason for this is because most people that are looking to buy or sell a home usually go online first. They can navigate any listing from their own home without wasting gas or their time driving. By promoting your Mega Open House online, it gives you the ability to share your video to many social media outlets. The more people that see the video, the higher the chances are of them attending the open house.

Print Flyers & Door Knock:

Yes, the old school tradition of door knocking is still a must do. Although technology gets your content in front of thousands, nothing beats an actual real face-to-face conversation with the neighbors that live nearby. When door knocking, make sure you have professional printed flyer of the home to hand to the neighbors. We’re not expecting you to door knock the whole neighborhood but incorporating the 10-10-20 rule is recommended. What’s that, you may ask? It’s door knocking 10 houses to your left, 10 houses to your right, and 20 houses across the street totaling 40 houses in the neighborhood.  It’s important that during these sessions with the neighbors that you advise them to help you pick their neighbors. Unfortunately, when the house is sold the only thing remains the same is house and having unwanted neighbors may not be a good thing for the neighborhood. By informing the neighbors that they have the option to choose or recommend who they want to live next to them allows them to be proactive in the search of a buyer for you.

Collect Information:

Purchase an iPad and have an electronic sign in for the guest that attend the open house. There are many open house apps that allows guest to sign in digitally. Use this information to contact your new potential clients because even if they’re not interested in the house you have listed, they may be in the market to purchase a new home or know someone else who maybe be buying and/or selling as well. Always follow up with the contact because you never know what future business lays ahead.

The point of hosting a mega open house is try and make an impact on the neighbors so that they remember you by your professional work ethics. When the neighbors see how proactive you were to promote the other property, they will most likely remember you when they want to sell their home.


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Open House Strategies
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