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Personal Branding

It’s 2018 and you’re concerned why everyone around you is closing more deals than you. That’s because they were able to make a name for themselves (Personal Branding) by being a trusted and useful source to their community. How do you do that? Well, with the use of social media we have today, we can help you improve your personal branding efforts and make an impact in your career immediately.

Personal Branding Content

What type of content or comments are you posting online?  When building a brand on social media, it’s recommended not to share or post anything negative about any topics. The content you post will reflect and tell a story about yourself. Post content that gives value and purpose to build an engagement with your peers and prospects.

As an agent, you know that farming one community is the best way utilize your time and money. Try creating a community page on Facebook to build an audience that will be a potential client to you in the future. In the community page you created, post localize content of the area to stay relevant to the audience. They will remember your face when it’s time to list or buy because of the consistency you put into posting and keeping them up to date about what’s happening. The time and effort put into the community pages will not go unnoticed.


Image Matters

Keep the embarrassing pictures out of reach from any social medial platform because you want to paint a positive image throughout your career. It’s ideal to post images that are personable and only photos that will build a positive story of your life. Images are powerful because people automatically assume they know you are because of what they see. For example, if someone was trying to make new connections on LinkedIn, they would make an impression of your profile photo within seconds and if it’s not a professional photo they’re most likely not going to bother reading your profile.


Social Media Outlets

The only way to reach thousands of people in a single day is by using social media outlets. The online world gives you endless amount of opportunities to brand yourself.  Here are a few methods we are confident that will work.


Facebook – Once you have build a community page and built a strong enough audience try running ad campaigns. These ad campaigns can offer a list of homes with pools, big yard, beach view or anything that you believe your clients may want. The best thing about these ad campaigns is that you control how much money you want to spend reaching out.

LinkedIn – This platform allows you to connect with people on a more professional level. Your main profile is basically your online resume so being connected with other professionals likes lenders, photographers or even marketing experts can make an impact in your business because they can offer help just by connecting with them.

YouTube – Content is key and what better way to educate people than a video of yourself. Branding yourself by using personal videos is the best content you can use to get your name and face out to the world.


Patience to build your brand

Building a brand for yourself is not going to happen overnight but if you start today, you’ll be one of the leaders of the pack. The only way to make it to the top of the list is by making an impact and developing a strong online presence. Most agents are still on the old methods of flyers and door knocking so you’ll be ahead of the game.


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Personal Branding
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