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Power Hour To More Money

Are you money hungry? Well you came to the right place to gain more conversions. If you’re not investing your business with social media marketing or branding yourself on the Internet, there are other strategies you can still use to convert more leads. Believe it or not, but most listings still come from cold calling instead of online marketing because people are humans and they enjoy a conversation on the phone rather than email. It sounds easy, but in order to make this happen you must stay committed and consistent. Ideally an hour a day would be how much time you would want to spend on the phone.

Scripts Or No Script

When making phone calls, you have the option of using a script or not use a script. For someone who isn’t comfortable making cold calls, you can use a script but it’s important to get rid of the script as soon as possible because customers can tell if you’re reading from a script or not. It’s good to know what you’re pitching and to flow smoothly because no one wants to have a conversation with a robot.

Make Them Feel Valuable

It’s already hard enough to get your prospects on the phone for over 10 seconds, therefore; once you get a hold of your prospect make them feel valuable. Not only are you going to make them feel valuable but you’re also going to present them with value. When you use this approach, it allows you to build a better relationship with the consumer because everything you have to say benefits them.

Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep

You may not realize it, but if you’ve haven’t had any income in the past few months in real estate, you’re most likely desperate for any listing. You should never tell your prospects something you can never deliver because it will cause you to lose business and give you a bad reputation in the real estate field. It’s important to build a good reputation because most business in real estate comes from referrals.

Set A Follow-Up Meeting

When you’re making the calls, you never take no for an answer. One way that helps you through this by changing your tactics while on the phone. Instead of asking the prospect if their interested in your services, a better method would be to schedule a follow-up meeting with them because it puts them in a situation where they feel like they have to commit to something they haven’t committed to. You’re not forcing anyone to commit their time to you, but if you did a job well enough, they’ll give you an opportunity for a follow-up meeting. Most people are overwhelmed with a handful of phone calls they receive from other agents, but most agents are probably not asking for a follow-up meeting giving you an advantage.





Power Hour To More Money
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