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Proven Techniques to Activate Your Online Leads

Most realtors will settle and be comfortable with knowing that they have a list of online leads. What they don’t realize is that the online leads they have received either from Zillow or other marketing campaigns doesn’t magically make money for you. It’s crucial that you take steps into nurturing your leads as soon as you get them. Regardless if it’s a hot, warm or even a cold lead, these are potential buyers or sellers who will be ready to make a real estate transaction in the near future.


Run A Giveaway

One of the best methods that’s currently working today is running a giveaway that gives people an opportunity to win something. Everyone loves free stuff and in return, you as a realtor should love the publicity and attention from the giveaway. The publicity is great because more people will get to know who you are and witness what great incentives you have by offering something free. It’s up to you to choose what type of giveaway you want to run because in the end winning anything free is an amazing feeling.

Some ideas of a giveaway can be as easy as giving away a pair of movie tickets or even a gift card to a restaurant. Post the giveaway on your Facebook account so that people can like, comment and share your post, which gives you a great amount of exposure. Make it a requirement that they must do all three (like, comment and share) in order to be eligible to enter the giveaway. Set a time frame, usually one week, to pick a winner because if it takes too long people might forget about it and you may no longer be relevant. Award the winner, and if possible, offer something to everyone who participated to make them winners.


Send High- Converting Text Message

If someone required a property online, you should also take advantage of all of your resources to be in front of your online leads consistently. It’s best to try and connect with your online leads as much as possible because if you’re not going to nurture them the right way someone else will. When texting the online leads, try sending them a simple text as “Hi, is this (insert their first name here)?”. You leave it at this in order to get a response. It’s important to remember that the leads you are communicating with are human, which is why you want to avoid talking like a bot.




Proven Techniques To Activate Your Online Leads
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