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Real Estate Farming Strategies That Still Work!

Farming Strategies for Real Estate Agents:

Are we really going to plant some crops and watch it grow? No, but the concept of farming in real estate is fairly like agriculture farming. You have a piece of land where you plant your seeds, water it and the product produces. Not all the crops will come out perfectly due to pesticides, rodents and mold to name a few. Real estate farming is similar because you choose a community (land), produce relevant community content (water), and you get listings or buyers (product produces). But there will also be people that will waste your time and bail out on you (pesticides or rodents).  Learn about a few strategies we came up with on real estate farming.

Real Estate Agent Farming Strategies That Still Work

Build Community Page

It’s important to choose only one community when you first start off in real estate. By starting small it allows you to be an expert of the area and it will cost less to market to a smaller audience. One strategy of farming will be the use of social media. For instance, try creating a community page on Facebook for your desired location. Deliver daily local content about the area in your community page, which will result in people trusting you as reliable source of the area. By being relevant and constantly producing quality content it will create a relationship between you and the people in the community page.

Send Postcards

Yes, it’s an old school method but it still works in our society today. The point of farming is to market yourself in an area to the point where everyone in the community knows who you are or at least have an idea. It can be costly to send out postcards but when you know the specific location you’re farming then the quality of marketing is 10x better. The post card will get your name and face out to the community and when it’s time to list or sell you’ll be top of mind.

Neighborhood Market Updates

Be the go to agent that has all new market updates of the month, specifically the community you chosen to farm. Most clients don’t have the time to search up every property that was sold each month. When you create monthly market updates for the people you are farming for, they’ll appreciate your work and when it’s time to list you’ll be the first on their contact to list with.

Open House

When you have a listing, it’s recommended to host an open house event. The open house event will drive potential buyers and neighbors to the property. Even if people are not interested in the home, you can collect information such as name, phone number and email to contact them later in the future.  Farming comes into play when you have the information of whoever comes in because if their interested in a home that’s in the same community. By having that kind of information, you can easily locate them on Facebook and send them an invite to your community page.

There is endless amount of strategies you can use to farm in real estate. We have provided you with a couple techniques that have been a success for many and hopefully you could incorporate them into your daily process.


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Real Estate Farming Strategies That Still Work!
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