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Real Estate Software and Apps for Maximizing Efficiency

It’s quite a common thing nowadays for us to lose track of time due to the excessive amount of time we waste on our social media and email platforms.  You may not realize it but a quick check on Facebook may lead you to wasting 10 to 30 minutes of your productive day because that what social media does. It has become very disrupted in our everyday lives and many of us can admit to this. But luckily, even though we’re always on our phones, there are software and apps out there to help us control the amount of time were spending on our devices.


Regardless of what device you are using, I can almost guarantee that you’re constantly checking your email all day long. The average person checks their email 10-20 times or more daily. It’s fascinating when you take the time to record the amount time you waste checking the emails.

With the app called Boomerang, it helps you minimize the amount of times you have access to your email. Boomerang provides you with the option of snoozing your emails during specific times during the day. That basically means that the app will be setting up times blocks for you during the day so that you don’t get distracted by email notifications constantly while you work on other projects. Also included with Boomerang is an assistant that uses artificial intelligence. This will help you write better and make your emails more effective.


Another great app that helps you re-evaluate your efficiency is Moment because it tracks the how often you are on your phone.  Believe it or not, apps like Facebook,  Instagram and Snapchat takes up a lot of our time that should be being used to make our cold calls. Most people don’t realize how much time their wasting, which is why Moment is a great app to use, so that you can monitor your usage. The app also provides a coaching tool that will help teach you to use your phone less.

You can also set daily limits on the app to control yourself from over usage. The app will notify you if you go over your daily limits, which will allow you to use you time more wisely on things that matter most. If you don’t think you have the will power to get off your device after a notification, Moment can also force you off your cellular device.

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