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Sales Tactics

If you have business in the service industry, you have the advantage to mold yourself with each new day, unlike product manufacturers. Building a brand is an in-depth and comprehensive process and does not happen overnight, especially in the real estate business. There will be hurdles and challenges that you have to overcome to reach the desired stage in your business.

Thinking of making it to the top? Here is some piece of advice to propel your brand well into the future:

1.     Don’t just focus on selling

As a realtor, it is not your job to “sell”, enter this business with an entrepreneurial mindset. You are here to coach and facilitate the prospective buyer. If a client finds you bent on ‘’selling’’ something the reaction in most cases is negative. The best way to create a loyal client base is to provide streamlined and accurate advice and educate your customers. Assure them that you are focused on their goals and will provide them with the best option on the market.

2.     Be honest

In the world of real estate, your only asset is your reputation, do not portray that you know all the answers. If you are unaware of something do not lie, ever. You can always assure your clients that you will get all the information they need at the earliest.

3.     Add the human element

Be relatable, understand the goals that your clients want to achieve. Work with their expectations, your ultimate focus entering the deal should be to build trust and solidify your brand. If you have the mindset of a seller, it will show; try to make house hunting an experience for your clients and get them what they need.

4.     Options

You might be friends with the owner of a house that he needs sold; however, you must only sell as per the specification of the potential buyer – not for the sake of selling the house. Give the client what he wants. Do not push anything on them; being too persistent and clingy can result in the loss of sale and loss of trust.  Clients today are well-informed and they will immediately be able to identify if you’re forcing something on them.

5.     Nothing is impossible

As cliché as this sounds, real estate agents are bombarded with unusually challenging tasks and clients every single day. The key here is to develop an “I don’t care attitude”. Every time you are faced with something out of the box and challenging, believe that you do not care how difficult it is and you will deliver what your client needs. You get nowhere in safe zones, a challenge will get you to the top.

6.     Communication

The first rule of communication in a service business is to listen and learn. Do not overpower the opinions and questions of the client. Always be willing to listen and help. Digressing from addressing the clients concerns will get you nowhere; tackle the issues with direct solutions. Constant and transparent communication and active participation in a property hunt will result in a positive outcome.


It certainly matters how dedicated you are to your work, but a real estate agent is dedicated to his clients and their goals like no other business. Make sure your dedication translates into hard work, and the rest will be history.

Sales Tactics
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