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Selling Over 100 Homes a Year

It takes a lot of hard work and commitment to sell over 100 homes in one year. There are only a handful of realtors that can actually say they did this. That’s because in reality, the majority of agents are not fully committed to working real estate full time. The market is infested with many realtors that have no experience, which makes the buyers and sellers skeptical of who they can work with. If you’re serious about exceeding over 100 transactions a year, this will be very helpful.

Become an Expert

To become successful in real estate, one must learn how to build up their reputation in the community because everyone wants to work with someone that can be a trusted source and educator. There are many ways to go upon this and one great way to start off is by creating a community page on Facebook to connect with everyone in the community that you decide to farm.  Once that happens, you must post relevant content such as videos, blogs, pictures or articles that pertains to the community. This type of method is called free marketing because all you’re doing is educating your community and letting them know what’s happening locally.

Another thing you must make yourself accountable for is continuing to stay educated about how the markets are doing or even new techniques on how to get more leads. In order to achieve this you must be willing to sacrifice time. Regardless of how many transactions you make in a year, it’s always important to continue to educate yourself by taking webinars classes that revolve around the topics of marketing, digital marketing or even tracking trends in real estate to better yourself.

Secret Weapon Video

Shooting a video will always be the best source to brand yourself to everyone because you can post your video on all types of social media outlets. If you want to sell over 100 homes, you should consider hiring a video team to produce the best quality. Also, when it comes to Facebook ads or YouTube ads, the price of the video ad is a lot cheaper to run than a regular ad.

Videos are so powerful because you are able to create and produce any content you want to view. Creating market update videos or even a quick Facebook live video will get your face out there and make it 10x more effective than what you are currently doing.

Selling Over 100 Homes A Year
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