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Social Media Fundamentals for Realtors

When it comes to social media marketing for Realtors, it’s important to have strategies in place that will help you maximize visibility and stand out from all the noise. Implemented correctly, these strategies give agents an edge in two key ways: By helping them to generate leads and by making it easier to convert those leads into clients. Social media marketing tactics can range in scale from foundational (by putting your brand on the map within your target area) to exceptional (by going above and beyond to frame you as the local “go-to” agent).

The Formula for Success

As viable marketing strategies continue to evolve in real-time, here’s the simple formula for social media marketing success that is guaranteed to help you stay ahead of your competitors in this digital age:


Reach + Engagement + Consistency = Opportunities


Now let’s break this formula down into its 3 key components and discuss the ins and outs of each.



“Reach” is the first key metric that businesses typically track in their social media marketing efforts. Reach is defined as a measure of the range of influence of your posted content. So, on Facebook for example, your post can be said to “reach” someone when they view it in their newsfeed. The goal you should aim for here is to obtain a reach of at least 10,000 views per week within your target audience. You accomplish this by posting often on your business page, which means you should – at a minimum – be posting every 4 hours, 6 times per day, for a total of 42 times per week.


“Engagement” is the second key metric that businesses track in their social media marketing efforts.

Engagement measures the actions taken by people that viewed a particular post. On Facebook, engagement is measured by the number of times people like, share or comment on a post. In this regard, content is king. Keep your content hyper-local, focused and engaging to maintain relevance and increase activity, thereby ensuring your posts have greater “viral reach”. The goal you should aim for is to generate at least 2,000 engagements per week from all your posts combined. (Facebook even compiles and lists the total reach/engagement stats below each post and in several sections of your business page account dashboard). Some successful examples of creative content you will want to generate, and post include:

  • Market updates
  • A video tip of the week
  • Business and community spotlight videos
  • Local events and happenings
  • Proprietary blog articles


In social media marketing, success is achieved over time as your consistent marketing efforts build a dynamic community where users actively engage with your posted content and stories on a regular basis. Therefore, the final key to your success is simple: be consistent! Generate a well-running social media marketing machine that utilizes the technology available for automating at least some of your posts and content-finding. Sites such as Hootsuite offer you one-stop-shop-style social media management dashboard where you can set content to post to multiple pages/profiles and measure campaign results. You can also set content to auto-post through RSS feeds of your choosing, thereby increasing your capacity to post consistently…which, in turn, will lead to ever-greater success and opportunities for your business!


So now that you’ve learned the fundamentals of social media marketing, click here to learn more about the tactics you could implement into your overall marketing plan which are offered exclusively through our Social Media Mastery Academy for Realtors. Our strategic program is based on a unique methodology that was developed specifically to teach our members how to consistently capture and convert real estate leads. The proof is in the results that agents all around the country are getting using our vetted methods. Check it out!

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