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Social Media Posts You Should Incorporate into your Real Estate Marketing Strategy

One of the biggest mistakes that most real estate agents make online is producing content that fails to engage their target audience. All too often realtors overlook producing engaging content in favor of taking a drier, colder approach towards their marketing. The result is content that fails to develop traction and reach out to cold audiences.


In the age of content marketing, realtors are expected to produce high quality content. Producing engaging posts with actionable insights and entertainment value is essential to success online. Today there’s simply no excuse to have a boring social media page, and customers know it. Below we take a look at 5 types of social media posts you should add to your marketing strategy to boost engagement.



  1. Photos, Photos, Photos

Whether you’re posting on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you need to upload photos constantly. Photos are the lifeblood of real estate marketing because they give your audience a snapshot of your everyday business. Creating posts with photos of your niche, whether that is a specific neighborhood or geographical location, will catch your prospects interest.

Incorporating photos into your social media plan can be as simple as taking pictures of houses in your area or taking photos of the neighborhood itself  (People always want to know what an area would actually be like to live in). Likewise photos of any public areas like parks or local businesses can be a great way to give viewers a snapshot of the local culture.

It takes a lot of photos to cultivate the image of an area, so go wild. Always be looking to incorporate pictures into your social media posts and concentrate on selling your area, just as much as selling any particular piece of property. Ideally, you want to be hinting that your realtor service is the gateway to a lifestyle, as opposed to a simple piece of property.


  1. Video Tours

Another great way to capture the imagination of your followers is to upload video tours. Photos are good, but videos of you exploring your properties and the local area are a great way to cultivate your target audience’s curiosity. You don’t have to do anything fancy, just a video that gives a quick look around is more than enough to wet your audience’s appetite.

One great way to do this is to take a video as you drive round the surrounding area, videoing each street individually This way you’ll be giving your audience the chance to be armchair explorers. If you want to use videos for social proof, getting your latest client to give you a video testimonial can help demonstrate the real world value of your service.

Before pulling the trigger and buying a house, most viewers want to develop a complete understanding of the surrounding area. By providing detailed video content about the nearby area around your properties, you’re providing your audience with useful information that will contribute to their decision to purchase.


  1. Answer Questions in Your Niche!


No matter what niche your working in, your customers are going to have questions about it. Writing a blog post that anticipates your audience’s questions and answers them methodically is a great way to use your expertise to provide them with answers. You can also use videos as a chance to answer questions as well.

The idea is that you want to be using your social media pages as a medium to answer your customer’s questions and address any reservations they may have. Publicly answering your audience’s questions not only provides them with valuable information but also situates you as an authority within your niche. By becoming an authority you boost your influence dramatically.


  1. Promote Local Events

If you want to be particularly savvy, using your social media page as a hub of advertising for local events is the way to go. This is a great way to draw in traffic as people search for what’s going on the local area, and a way to promote your area as a hub of activity. Using your Facebook page to promote community events turns you into a valuable community resource.

Whether your drawing publicity to charity runs, fundraisers, street parties or local carnivals, you’re catching the imagination of your prospects and developing your local network. Regularly scouring through the event calendars in your local newspaper will help you to find ample opportunities to be an asset to your community.


  1. Third-Party Content


Finally, don’t limit yourself to posting your own content on social media. It’s counter intuitive but sometimes connecting people with quality guidance related to the real estate market can turn you from a real estate agent into a content provider. Sharing useful articles with your customers allows you to add your seal of approval, and makes you seem up to date with industry trends.

Though you want to make sure you’re not endlessly piggybacking of other people’s content, a post on DIY tips or cutting moving costs can be a nice bonus to your social media strategy. At the end of the day you’re aim is to catch your audiences interest with compelling content, and networking them with other quality sources is an effective way of doing this.

If you’d like to execute an effective digital marketing and social media campaign, contact us. Our expert team is on hand to manage every aspect of your online presence and convert leads into CLIENTS.

Social Media Posts You Should Incorporate Into Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy
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