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Start Building Your Dream 100 Lists

Quarter four of 2018 is coming to an end, which means 2019 is just around the corner. It’s important that you’ve started setting personal and business goals for next year, but you must also begin building your dream 100 lists. This list will contain people who suit your own beliefs and values around business. For us at BSM Vault, we would consider our list to include influencers in marketing and branding. You are not limited to who you have on your list because it should be a list that is meaningful to you, which it should because it’s personal.

 Choose You Influencers Wisely

There are many ways you can go about choosing people to go onto your dream 100 lists, but one great method to start is by picking those who serve your ideal clients. It’s good to make sure that they don’t compete with your products or services because it will allow you to be a faithful follower without perceiving them as a competitor or threat.

Content is Key

You should consider your dream list, a list of mentors and motivation for business and personal purposes. They will literally be a wealth of information to you because most successful people will share with you their blogs, interviews, videos or even podcasts that will allow you to connect with your core values. When you repost or share their content, make sure you tag the author because this create a connection between you two because of the positive exposure you’re giving them.


The list you created can be gurus who are so successful that there would be no possible way to contact them directly. That shouldn’t be a reason why you give up on trying any way possible to associate with them, because there are lots of other alternatives that can be made possible for you to be in their circle or sphere. For marketing gurus, they usually have mastermind groups you can join or even better yet coach groups. As long as you associate within the circle, you’ll be able to share your values and connections as if you had direct contact with them. Another great way to try and associate with your list is by attending live events where your ideal candidate may be hosting or speaking at. This will give you an opportunity to get live information and even a higher possibly of getting to meet them in person.

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