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Strategy Meeting with Potential Clients and Referrals

How well prepared are you coming into a meeting that can potentially make you thousands of dollars? In real estate, we all know that any one transaction has the potential in paying off months of rent and utility bills. It’s crucial that you understand what to do during these meetings with your potential clients and referrals.

Small Talk

As an agent, your goal is to build trust with the clients in hopes of them hiring you. Although you both came to talk to each other about business purposes, it doesn’t hurt to have light conversations during your meeting. Get some understanding from your potential clients to see what their needs and pain points are. Try asking questions about their hobbies, favorite book or even sports to try and find a common ground in order strengthen your relationship.

Plan of Action

Having a game plan going into your meeting will make it easier for the both of you. You want to provide your clients with market updates, marketing strategies and even a home value report of their home. This process is part of your listing presentation where it shows off your recent sales activities and past marketing campaigns you used for previous clients. Educate them on how your process works and then show them the proven results that you converted with your techniques.

Follow Up

It doesn’t matter if you think the meeting went well or not, follow up calls are always recommended. As an agent, it is important to always be top of mind and leaving a good impression will allow you an opportunity in the near future. For instance, what if the potential clients were debating between you and another agent for the listing? If you followed up frequently after the meeting and the other agent didn’t, your chances have increased dramatically because you cared enough to make sure everything was fine. It’s important to remember that some people aren’t ready to buy or sell their home immediately but can be ready in as little as a few months or even a year.

Reputation and Referrals

Believe it or not, but a good amount of your transactions as a realtor will come from referrals. Although you don’t want to always be dependent on referrals, it’s a great addition to add to your sales. But how do we even get referrals? It all starts with the reputation you built and the type of relationships you made throughout your clients’ transactions. Were you supportive and listening to their feelings when a situation occurred? Did you explain the process simply so that your client understood everything during the process? Most importantly, did you follow up and stay in contact with your clients after the transaction? These are the type of questions that stick with clients during a real estate transaction. When you make yourself trustworthy to your clients and make them feel comfortable, they will likely refer you to their friends and family so that their loved ones can have the same great experience when selling or buying a home.

Strategy Meeting With Potential Clients And Referrals
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