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Team Building for Realtors

Can you imagine doing real estate transactions without your transaction coordinator, escrow team or even your lenders? Neither can I. It’s time consuming to try to do everything on your own and half of the things you end up not even doing. Regardless if you’re a solo agent or a broker, you’ll need to be part of a team to become more organized and efficient.


Communication is key for every aspect of the real estate transaction because one mistake could cost you in getting your offer rejected. Email is one great way to communicate with your team because they can always have a place to go back and check what task they need to finish. Although a phone call can be a quicker process, emailing can be more efficient because if you overload your team with numerous tasks on the phone, they’ll most likely forget a lot of them. Also, weekly team meetings are important to incorporate in your business because it prepares the mind for another successful week. It’s a time for everyone to share their thoughts and progress for upcoming projects. As a leader, you should take the time to mentor and share your expertise with your team because they need someone to look up to. You should never put down your team because ultimately they’re your support system and without them your business would not be able to function as smoothly.

Creative Innovation       

When running your real estate business, it’s important to make every one on your team an asset. Whether it’s minor changes that need to be adjusted during your transaction, there’s always room for improvement. The real estate industry has evolved drastically over the last decade through the innovation of social media and digital marketing.  It’s important to provide your team with new online trainings to get the most education and strategies to implement into your business. You need to invest in your team because they are the core of the kingdom you created. Always allow creative thinking and unique solutions to be incorporated from team members to increase results. It’s important to let your team understand that they can make suggestions to your strategies because with social media marketing evolving, there’s no wrong true answer that will drive the best results.


Always providing positive feedback and encouragement to your team will result in long-term commitment into your brokerage. At the end of the day, the people you work with are human beings and also have a family to go home to. Don’t pressure your team members into a workload that they can’t handle in a day because that will lead to stress, which is something that you do not want. When you respect your team members’ time, they will put in great results to drive your brokerage in the right direction.

Team Building For Realtors
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