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The Best Facebook Ad Campaigns You Should Be Running if You’re a Realtor

If you are a real estate agent looking to grow your business and you are looking to maximize your ROI on Facebook ad spend, here is an in-depth insiders look at the top 7 ad types you should be running and why:

  1. Audience-Building Ads (aka “Page-Like” Ads)

From the moment your Facebook business page is active and functioning – meaning that you are posting relevant and engaging content on it several times each day – your first goal is to build your Facebook audience. To do this, you need to run “Page-Like” Ads that are designed to draw attention to your page by specifically targeting people who are most likely to want to use your services, thereby resulting in your gain of a targeted audience via page likes. By gathering targeted page likes, you are putting your page in front of people who are actually interested in staying connected with you. Running Page-Like Ads give people an easy way to connect with you, they are a powerful reputation builder, and they are the least expensive way to test out cold-traffic audiences.

In addition, running this ad type will allow you to reap serious benefits in your future advertising efforts on Facebook because you have already established a target audience and gathered them as page fans who are more likely to respond to your direct advertising campaigns than non-page fans.

  1. Content Promotion Ads (aka Ads to Promote Your Personal Blog Posts)

Your second Facebook advertising goal is to run ads that promote your content. Creating highly valuable content and running ads to promote that content is an absolute MUST for you as a business owner who desires to create an online lead generation system that builds relationships and entices people to do business with you. In other words, you’ve got to give to get. And the key way to do so is by personally crafting powerful, compelling content on your website (by regularly writing and posting detailed, thorough blogs with lead capture elements woven into them) to address particular issues and to help solve specific, relevant problems that your target audience has in their journey…thereby allowing you to nurture your audience over time by showing them you understand their needs and can help them in a concrete way.

Then, immediately upon posting this proprietary blog content to your website, your priority is to set-up Content Promotion Ads to maximize the ROI from your efforts. The smart way to do this is not by running dozens upon dozens of content promotion ads at the same time; it’s to create two insanely valuable pieces of content each month and then to run an ad for each one for an entire month. This way, over time, you’ll discover what content appeals the most to your various audiences thereby allowing you to write blogs and run ads for more of that type of focused content in the future.

  1. Opt-In Ads (aka Lead Capture Ads)

Here, we are specifically addressing the ubiquitous “Home value” and “Search for homes” ads that tend not to deliver the results desired by their users. The biggest problem with these types of ads is that they are typically the first type of ads real estate agents run yet in reality, they are one of the LAST ads you should be running. The audience you think you are targeting – warm or cold — scrolls right on past the ad itself and with today’s ability to use ad blockers, most of these ads aren’t even seen by your target audience.

So, when it comes to Lead Capture Ads, if you want to get some serious results, you need to change your message. Tweak your verbiage from the standard – “Get your home value” – to compelling verbiage that appeals to a real problem your audience has that you can help to solve. A few examples would be: “Are you wondering if that Zestimate you just saw is true?” or “Do you have your doubts that your tax assessment value is your home’s real sellable value?” Both of these are examples of running the same type of lead capture ad that as a real estate agent you are used to, yet they are guaranteed to appeal to your audience on a whole different level. By addressing the type of thoughts that are already at the forefront of the minds of people in your audience, the likelihood that they will stop on your ad and click through increases exponentially. And a final tip: you should start running Lead Capture Ads once you have targeted audiences that are big enough, but watch your frequency rate so that you don’t post them too often and train your audiences to ignore them.

  1. Fan Nurture Ads (aka Ads to Connect-With-Your-Tribe)

Next comes the fun part! Fan Nurture Ads are where you can use the power of your Facebook page likes and your Facebook ads to make connections with your audience. These ads don’t directly involve sales or self-promotion, but instead involve building your reputation and turning page likes into creating an active “tribe.” Examples of this type of ad include happy birthday ads, holiday ads, time change ads, etc. They help to nurture your “tribe” in the exact place where they are hanging out and spending their time: on Facebook! And if you want to build a business, you need a tribe. A tribe responds to your calls to action. A tribe gets behind you and supports you and takes a vested interest in your business.

This is to say that when you take a vested interest in your tribe outside of what’s in it for you, your tribe responds. Not to mention, the ads are fun to run. The responses from your fans are fabulous and it’s encouraging to see people responding in such a positive manner to your messages to them. As for when you should get started, right around the 400 page-like mark is when you’ll want to start getting creative with running your Fan Nurture Ads…keeping in mind that you’ll always want to be building your tribe (aka your fan base) by continually and simultaneously running your page-like ads.

  1. Engagement Ads (aka Quote, Meme & Picture-Based Ads)

In order to attain the seemingly ever-elusive social media marketing goals of “reach” and “engagement”, you need to run Engagement Ads. These are ads whose sole purpose is to get people to engage with the ad. “Engagement” includes reactions, comments, shares and video views. The goal of this type of ad is about reaching the people in your target audience on a level that causes them to react, almost compulsively, because the posted content resonates with them, inspires them, and/or makes them feel good!

Running Engagement Ads is smart business practice because they result in increased ROI for your marketing efforts…mainly due to the fact that Facebook likes to see you putting out content (and ads) that are focused on getting positive responses from people, and they reward you accordingly in their background metrics. As for the question of when, you should be running your Engagement Ads right from the beginning of establishing your business page: after you have published at least 20 highly relevant posts, you can jump right into running Engagement Ads to your targeted audiences…and you should run them on a continuous basis after that to keep the good responses flowing.

  1. Customer Journey Ads (aka Segmentation & Content Specific Re-Targeting Ads)

Whether you are aware of it or not, you’ve heard of re-targeting. However, overly-simplistic strategies aside, let’s focus on the “moving people through the customer journey into the sales funnel” type of re-targeting, also known as Customer Journey ads. So, let’s drill down into the particulars. Customer Journey Ads utilize two key elements: content specific and segmentation focused re-targeting.

First, let’s discuss Content Specific Re-Targeting Ads. Say you run a Content Promotion Ad for an awesome blog post on your website. Remember, within that blog content, you’ve planted a content upgrade (aka lead magnet) that is relevant to that specific posting. Now, after people visit and view that content upgrade (on your website and/or landing page), you want them to see ads for that specific lead magnet again in their Facebook newsfeed. This is powerful and specific re-targeting. You’ve already “defrosted them” when they visited the content on your website and consumed it, but now you are going deeper by continuing the “defrosting” process. This accounts for people that maybe got distracted and didn’t follow through on opting-in the first time they viewed your available content, so now your re-targeting efforts have reminded them of the value you are offering, and they can take action to opt-in and get their hands on your lead magnet.

Second, let’s talk segmentation. Segmentation Re-Targeting Ads are very specific ads that are directed to people who have visited specific pages on your website, such as pages geared towards home searches, home value, neighborhood descriptions, etc. After they’ve visited a specific page, you target them with an ad that details the “next step”, such as offering an online home value for those who landed on the home sellers page, or a housing activity list for a specific neighborhood for those who landed on a specific neighborhood page. In other words, instead of waiting passively for people to (hopefully) keep browsing through and revisiting your website, you are targeting them with what they are specifically looking for and driving them back to your content and offerings, over and over again.

  1. Event Ads (aka Ads that Promote Open Houses, New Listings, Testimonials, Giveaways etc.)

If you are a real estate agent, running an Event Ad does not necessarily mean you are holding an actual event, although sometimes it may. What it does mean is that you are making a mini “event” out of whatever milestone you’ve just reached; you are creating a reason to broadcast positive happenings within your business out to your audience. Here are some good examples of times you might choose to run an Event Ad:

  • You have an upcoming open house event
  • You’ve just taken a new listing and you’d like to make an “event” of launching that new listing for sale
  • You’ve just closed a listing and you’d like to hold some sort of celebration event
  • You’ve received an awesome video testimonial from a client that will help boost your reputation
  • You want to promote a Giveaway or Challenge you created to engage your audience

In essence, Event Ads are an opportunity. In fact, they represent the deepest layer in your marketing and outreach. Which means that if you aren’t running the other ads discussed in this blog, you shouldn’t be running event ads. Event ads are another reason to showcase who you are and what you do, by showcasing your clients and their journey through the home buying or home selling process.

Take the Next Step

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The Best Facebook Ad Campaigns You Should Be Running If You’re A Realtor
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