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Tools To Make Your Business Run Smooth

Regardless of what type of business you are in, there has to be structure in your company to allow success and efficiency. There are a great amount of tools and resources that will make your business run smoother, allowing you to work on other things that are more important. For real estate agents and lenders, it can be overwhelming at times when there has been no transactions for months, but it’s the follow up sequences and weekly content posts that pay off in the long road.


We live in such a fast pace environment that it’s sometimes hard to keep up with time. By implementing the DocuSign system into your work schedule it will save you from wasting paper, gas, and time. For instance, if there were a listing agreement that needed to be signed but your client lived in a different state, wouldn’t it be easier to send your client an email where they can sign the contract electronically? The ability to use this type of service is amazing because it reduces time and secures an important part of the transaction. Both sides of the party can sign the contract digitally on their own time and not need to rely on or wait for someone to drop off the paperwork.

Email Drips

If you do not have an email drip set up by now, that’s a very big mistake because it will decrease your ability of staying top of mind for your potential clients. An email drip is a sequence of emails for people who are interested in your service or product. The email sequences need to provide quality content and create engagement to your audience. Make sure that the email drip sequences last up to at least 6 months because in the real estate market, someone may not be ready to buy or sell today, but may be motivated to do so in a few months.

Social Media

How are you currently utilizing your social media accounts? Whether its Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram, the main goal is to be the iconic figure of the community of your choice. Use these social media accounts to provide your audience with relevant content that creates engagement.  It is a key factor to make yourself top of mind when it comes to real estate or loans. Although creating and posting content may be time consuming, people will appreciate your time for keeping them up to date. Eventually, when it’s time to look for a loan officer or a real estate agent they’ll most likely go straight to you.

Tools To Make Your Business Run Smooth
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