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Top Of Mind Awareness Tips

Can you name me a soda? Most likely your answer was either Coke or Pepsi, depending on your preference. These companies have made some type of impact in your lives in order to be the first brand that pops up in your mind. They have used advanced branding and marketing to build a relationship with you. This concept is called Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA).

In order to become successful, TOMA needs to be one of the business’s main priorities. Will you become the first business that pops up when consumers are thinking of the best mortgage company or which local realtor to use? Find out three key marketing tips to better your business in order to be on top.

TOMA Strategies for Beginners:

Have a Target Audience:

Don’t waste any time or money on people that will not value your brand or business. Allow yourself to invest with the audience that will or potentially have interest in using your products or services. When beginning to select audiences, it is important to choose wisely since each click can be costly. Facebook and YouTube are great outlets that have the ability to specifically target future clients through attributes who you can market to from interest, age and even location to name a few.

Create Quality Brand Awareness and Engagement:

Make sure the content that is being presented is something eye catching and clear. Keeping content simple is always best because it makes it easy for the consumers to read. Post new and relevant articles based on your audience’s interest which will allow them to engage with your content. When consumers comment, share or like your post it decreases the cost per click because it shows that you are producing quality content. Depending on which social media outlet your business decides to use, they all have their own algorithm that determines how effective your content is.


Follow Up Campaign:

Having a follow up campaign is one of the most important processes to input for any business. A follow up campaign is a sequence of emails sent to potential leads to gather new engagement. It is best to introduce your business and top products or services within the first two emails following along with another email consisting the main reason the lead opted in for. Personalize the emails by including the leads name or business to keep it more personable. By doing this it will make them feel more comfortable with you and potentially purchasing your services in the near future.  Have a call to action in every email to allow leads to watch an introduction video about yourself, to download a free buyer’s checklist, or even a free subscription of your monthly listings. Consumers will remember the free content you provided them when they were in need which is one way your company becomes top of mind through this connection. No matter what stage you are currently at, having quality content and engagement from consumer will make you top of mind when it comes to real estate.

Starting out as a small business will make it difficult to become a credible source to other people. But don’t worry; with these strategies that we’ve come up with you will be top of mind in no time. We would love to share these strategies to anyone who is struggling in creating a name for their company.


Top Of Mind Awareness Tips
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