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How To Gain Trust and Referrals From Client [Checklist]

Nowadays, the housing market has been congested with thousands of realtors. Some are making at least one sale a month and others are struggling to even close one in a whole year. Everyone who is in real estate knows that they’re not promised commissions check every month so it’s important to stay consistent with every client and give them your undivided attention.

How do you outshine other agents and gain more referrals during your career? It’s easy, just follow this perfect execution list and you’ll be on your way to be the best agent in your community.

Listen To Your Clients:

Give your clients your undivided attention whenever they speak because as an agent you should be dialed in everything they say. This could be comments, concerns or indecisive decisions that they are facing. Try to find solutions for their problems and by doing this the client will know they can count on you for anything. For example, if a client needs to get their plumbing fixed, try recommending your top three plumbers in the area even if they don’t use your recommendations. This will build a relationship between the agent and customer, which will result in future referrals.

Help Clients Network:

Don’t assume that the client is an expert to the area they just moved to. Most people that buy a new home are relocating to live in a better community but that doesn’t mean they know the place well. To wow your clients, be the go-to expert in their community by telling your clients about some social groups, local restaurants and potentially having them join Facebook groups in the area.  Even better, introduce them to people you know that live in the community to help build their network.

Personal Letter –

No one ever has the time to write a personal message anymore let alone a personal hand written thank you card. Beat the statistic and take the time to hand write a personal message to your client to show your appreciation for them. Be sure to wish your client a happy birthday and home purchase anniversary to deepen the bond between the two of you. Also, don’t forget to kindly remind your client that your business relies on referrals and make sure to promise to take care of the person they referred.  Adding this to the checklist will definitely increase your chances for future business.

Offer Time:

Take the time to understand your client’s needs and build a small bond outside of real estate. Yes, your time is valuable but it doesn’t hurt to offer your clients a tour around the community. Take them to the hot spots and attractions you know about to make them feel welcome. Be the super star agent that’s willing to treat your clients as friends instead of another sale.

Building a personal relationship with your clients will open many doors for you. It’s very nerve wracking for your clients during the process of purchasing a new home. Their lifestyle can change overnight, something can go wrong during escrow or they just simply can’t find the right house. Keep a passion for what you do and you’ll get rewarded.


How To Gain Trust And Referrals From Client [Checklist]
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